GT Design GT Design

The Infinix GT Series is poised to revolutionize the smartphone market with its exceptional cyber mecha design and clean & pure XOS experience

Based on the initial look of the device, it appears that Infinix is going all-in on gaming. The GT Series impresses with its incorporation of Mini LEDs, creating a distinctive and interactive backlight interface. The LED feature lights up when the users launch the game and inform them of notifications as well as charging status updates.

However, the GT Series offers much more than just gaming features. Infinix’s commitment to design excellence is evident in the series, boasting a sleek and captivating aesthetic bound to attract attention. The phone’s standout feature is its cyber mecha design, displaying Bright Orange highlights in the Cyber black variant and colour changing backpanel in the Mirage Silver variant that changes to steel blue and dusty pink when exposed to UV light.

In addition to its impressive design, the GT Series delivers a clean XOS environment based on Android 13, free from unnecessary bloatware and irritating advertisements commonly found on other devices. Anticipated to launch in August 2023, Infinix’s GT Series is set to make a significant impact in the smartphone market once again.