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The importance of having regular inspections on your homes roof

A homeowner understands the importance of maintaining important areas of his home on a regular basis. Some of these areas include garage doors, air conditioning units, furnaces, appliances, plumbing fixtures, and so forth. One area that many homeowners neglect, however, is an area that is crucial to the well-being of any home. What is this important area? It is something that is above you but it is also something that you rarely even think about, your roof and replacement windows.

Your roof is a defense against rain, snow, wind, heat, and hail. Your roof is exposed to both weather hazards and harsh elements 365 days a year. This slowly contributes to deterioration and damage. Obviously, if you live in an area that has tornadoes, hurricanes, or severe storms then your roof will undergo even more threats and challenges.

It is a fact that most roof problems are due to a poorly maintained roof. The roof is one of the largest parts of any home and it requires regular maintenance, inspection, and repair. If you neglect your roof you will dramatically shorten its lifespan. A properly maintained and inspected roof from Armorservices.com, on the other hand, can last you for many years.

Let’s begin the article with a few of the reasons why you should maintain the roof of your home. The first reason is because it will increase the lifespan of your roof. You will want to do regular maintenance to avoid costly major damages. Maintaining your roof can often mean the difference between a minor affordable fix-it job and or an expensive roofing repair or replacement.

Most homeowners are unsure about how often they should have their roof maintain and inspected. Obviously, each roof will be different but there are a few key factors such as weather conditions, the age of the roof, and foliage around the home. Even if you have a new home with a new roof it is always a good idea to have it inspected at least every two years but preferably every year.

It should be noted that a roof warranty does not completely protect your roof completely. Just because your roof came with a warranty it does not mean that the roof will be replaced or repaired with no questions asked. Like most legal documents there will be fine print that includes the exceptions. Often the exceptions will have a limited time value or other stipulations.

When you deal with a roof warranty you should be aware that there are many factors that will come into play. First, not all roof warranties are created equal. A roof warranty can be voided if the roofing materials were incorrectly installed or if the damage was from something unexpected such as a rooftop satellite dish.

Most roofing material manufacturers and roofing companies will require that you have a professional roofing inspection every few years. They may also require an inspection after major weather events such as a hurricane, windstorm, or tornado. If you are unable to show proof that you have religiously maintained your roof then you may run into issues as you try to make a warranty claim.

Another key reason why you want to have your roof regular maintained is because of the overall appearance of your home. Your roof provides curb appeal for your house. Curb appeal is important when trying to make your house look good both on the outside and inside. Many homeowners forget about the roof and take it for granted. However, ask any real estate agent about the importance of a well-maintained roof when trying to sell a home. A poorly maintained roof can break a potential home sale.

A roof inspection will also expose any future potential problems. For example, a clogged gutter can prevent the snow and rain from properly draining back into the ground. The water, if blocked, could drain back into the house and cause future rotting or mold issues. Mold issues are not something that a family will want to deal with.

Another culprit is roof algae which can prematurely age any roof while at the same time causing ugly black streaks. The majority of these issues can be avoided with a simple roof maintenance program that includes debris removal and roof cleaning.

One of the most important reasons to have your roof regular maintained is that it will save you money in the long run. When you have a roofing emergency you will be at the mercy of the roofing company. You will not have time to shop around for the best deal as water is pouring into your home. Most roofing companies make their biggest profits during emergency service calls.

Emergency service calls are often billed time and a half plus an extra cost for materials. If the emergency happens on a holiday, weekend, or evening then you can expect to pay even more. If your roof requires major repairs during an emergency then expect to spend a lot of money. On the other hand, you can avoid these type of costly emergencies by having a regular roof maintenance and inspection.

Finally, a roof may be hiding something and a homeowner may not realize that the roof has an issue until a leak occurs. Water can trickle slowly into your attic and cause serious damage to the framing, insulation, and even structural steel. Serious mold issues could occur which could seriously jeopardize the health of every family member.

Unfortunately, a leaking roof uses a combination of gravity and water. This combination often makes it very difficult to know where the leak originates. However, when you perform a regular inspection you will be able to locate a potential problem before it becomes a disaster to your home. Once again, the cost of a regular inspection and maintenance program is minuscule compared to the damage that a leaking roof can cause.

Finally, a regular roof maintenance and inspection program will allow you and your family to have peace of mind. This type of peace of mind is beneficial as you focus on other areas of your home. Yes, there are many excellent reasons to call a professional roofing company and have a regular roof inspection and maintenance program.

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