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The Home Office Technology Trends of 2021

Despite ongoing resistance from industry leaders, the work from home model has proven to be exceptionally effective for businesses. Not only are team members more productive when they work from home, but they’re happier too, driving creativity and collaboration. It used to be that the image of the employee working from home was a pajama-clad slacker doing anything but work, but the modern professional is finding that working from a home office has too many positives to ignore. However, the home office setup needs to be right. Here are some of the most important tech trends that every home office should have in 2021.

Smart Assistant

Some call them intrusive, others couldn’t live without them, but the smart speaker is here to stay. There are currently 157 million of these smart speakers in US homes, and roughly 24% of over-18s own (at least) one. For the home office, the smart speaker can be incredibly useful with audible calendar alerts, entertainment, and the latest news, all accessible without moving away from the keyboard.

Better Security

One of the flaws in the work from home model is that it weakens organizational security. Remote workers are more likely to be hacked or fall for phishing scams, which means home offices need to have a clear priority on security. This is proving challenging, but there are solutions. Organizations that implement more high-tech security measures will be far more secure, and of the available options, it is clear that biometric authentication is going to be the option of choice for both large and small businesses.

WiFi Booster

It’s never been more important to have a reliable internet connection, and when you’re working from home, that connectivity is vital. Also known as WiFi extenders, a good WiFi booster will ensure that even if you’re wandering around the house having a conference call on your Bluetooth headphones, that connection will not be interrupted. There are plenty of models and options to consider when shopping around for a WiFi booster, and there are versions available in a wide range of budgets. When staying connected is so important, it’s no wonder that the booster is becoming a standard feature of the home office.

Better Basics

A home office is simply a spare space at home with a laptop, a chair, and a desk for most people. As the remote worker becomes the norm, more people are taking time to make that space more professional, and that means having better basics. You’ll need a desk that’s the right height so that you avoid discomfort, an ergonomic office chair, and the now-standard wireless keyboard and mouse. Dual monitors are also worth looking at if you regularly have to slow down work to switch between tabs. Invest in upgrading your basics, and your home office will be far more productive (and comfortable).

Don’t keep working at your kitchen table or from your bed when your workspace could be considerably more professional. If you’re working from home, these are the tech trends that are worth looking at a little more closely in 2021. Although this list is missing a coffee machine…

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