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The Future of Mobile: Where Is It Heading?

As technology evolves, society evolves right with it. Technology affects our lives in unprecedented ways, now more than ever. For a while, computers were an essential piece of tech everyone longed for. Mobile devices are rivalling them right now, and if you ask some people, they have even beaten their rival.

We do everything on our smartphones these days. We pay the bills, we stream movies and shows, we buy stuff from our phones, etc. Mobile phones are behind the online casino revolution too. Casinos on mobile are even more popular than their desktop counterparts, allowing players to enjoy their favourite games on the go.

It’s not just that. Mobile gaming is evolving all the time, following technology trends. In the future, experts believe that mobile gaming will be even more integrated into our lives, making it even easier to spins slots or play a round of roulette.

What’s on the Horizon?

In the short run, experts are adamant that mobile gaming is coming on wearable devices. At least in some form. Wearables aren’t exactly practical for playing games, but they are perfect for easy payments or otherwise. The industry will certainly develop convenient apps for them. This mobile sector is still young but has huge potential moving forward.

As it evolves and grows, it’s not uncanny to think about a simulated online gambling experience on wearable devices. It’s too early to tell, but that should be the next big step for mobile casino gaming.

What we can expect for sure in the near future of online casino gaming are better graphics and more live dealer games. If you’ve ever spun modern slots, you know that the most recent releases have almost closed the gap with video games. That goes for both graphics and engagement. New slots have a bonus round that looks and feel like video games too. Expect them to close the gap even further in the coming years, with sharp graphics that will make them better looking than ever.

The live casino industry is also expected to progress. Live dealer gaming is already great, but with a bit of polishing, it could become the next best thing in the gaming industry.

New Tech Trends

Mobile casino gaming is also expected to benefit from the development of two interesting technologies – VR and beacon. The first we already know about. VR casinos have already hit the market, but the industry will fine-tune them in the future, offering a full virtual reality experience.

When it comes to beacon technology, it’s an interesting way of interacting with shops and casinos. While it still hasn’t arrived at online casinos, it’s a pretty innovative way of interacting with them.

When embedded into a mobile device, the beacon technology gives the wearer notification about important stuff related to its surroundings. For example, it could be dealt in a supermarket or hot offers and games in casinos. It’s all a bit too far-fetched so far, but we’re sure that the industry won’t stay behind on it.

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