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The future of Big Run Studios: The growth of the company

The growth of a company is always great to see but in the world of app development, it is also exciting. With fresh new designs, game ideas and rewards systems a new skills game developer is something that everyone loves. With so many puzzle games out there on the market, audiences are looking for something new. This, therefore, makes it the perfect time for the growth of Bug Run Studios and their upcoming releases.

The Future Of Mobile Gaming

As we dive deeper into the digital era, more and more of us are spending our lives on our mobile phones. From emails to social media and even office programs, we can combat several different tasks with the device that is in the palm of our hands. But as more and more of s continue to look for mobile apps to help us pass the time, developers are having to go above and beyond to create applications that appeal to their target audiences. With this, there has also been room for several smaller business to make their way onto the scene. This, of course, has bought about an exciting number of new apps for people to take advantage of. One of these, of course, is Big Run Studios.

The New Team of Developers

The team at Big Run studios have not only raised a vast amount of money for funding, but they have also worked on a countless number of popular titles in their past. This is promising for the team as their leading title Blackout Blitz has proved highly popular. The studio aims to create a wide variety of sills based multiplayer games on the App store for their audiences. Their main objective is to create games that are not your usual skill-based game. This certainly captured the attention of Galaxy Interactive that have now actively begun to support the company and help them achieve their aim.

What Could This Mean For Gaming?

With several major partnerships such as this forming in the industry as well as mainstream game developers trying their hand at generating mobile casinos and other mobile applications. This, therefore, is a promising time for the industry as there is a vast amount of technology available to provide something entirely new for audiences as a result. Whether this is the implementation of VR and AR technology in mobile apps or new feature-length games generated entirely for the top end of the mobile market, the possibilities are endless when it comes to the generation of mobile applications.

However, this could present issues for some of the more experienced in the industry as up and coming mobile developers may well pose a real threat. Therefore, several mobile developers will have to do more to stand out on the market. Though it is easy enough to get people to download your app, the real challenge is to keep people playing for prolonged periods, this is where new companies are set to thrive.

What Can We Look Forward To From the Company In 2020?

With over $1.4 million in funding already raised as well as the backing of Galaxy Interactive, we are set to see numerous brand-new apps. This is exciting for those that are a fan of their design style and game mechanics as there is plenty of brand-new titles, we may be seeing hit the market very soon. But will they be as popular as there current top 25 hits?

According to some of the most recent reports, this studio already has several titles on the market on both IOS and Andriod devices and is set to release a total of 3 more throughout the course of 2020. Though there are no names or design spoilers out there as of yet, we are sure that these will be a big hit when the launch due to their unique game lay and interesting graphic design options.

Whether you are new to gaming on your phone or you have done so now for many years, there are multiple new and exciting software developers out there that are ready and waiting to provide you with entirely new gaming experience. Will you be downloading a Big Run Studios title in 2020?

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