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The evolution of Cell Phones in Education

With the evolution of modern technology, cell phones are no longer used simply for making/taking phone calls. In fact, you can use your phone to get the best education yet. From accessing online classes to utilizing educational apps, phones have become an integral part of the educational experience.

A few short years ago, cell phones were not allowed in the classroom. They were viewed as a distraction and a way for students to access information they potentially shouldn’t. With the ever-changing world of technology, not only have the capabilities of mobile devices grown but also their usefulness and practicality. In response, educators have had to reevaluate the usage of phones and incorporate them into the educational setting.

Supplemental Tools

The usefulness of mobile devices benefits students throughout their educational journey. In a traditional classroom setting, teachers can supplement their lessons and give their students access to hands-on information through various educational applications. Students can view and even create their own videos to take advantage of online tutorials, interactive classroom activities and reenactments of historical events.

Students of all ages can thrive with the added dimension phones can bring to the classroom. You can become a part of the interactive approach to education by earning a master’s in ECE and assuming your role in the future development of computer systems.

Ease of Access

Through the use of their cell phones, students have access to a nearly endless number of online tools and resources to further their education. When it comes to fine-tuning writing abilities, for example, using online dictionaries and thesauruses makes the standard of work they produce considerably better.

Such advancements in comprehension aren’t limited to English. Learning foreign languages can be more easily facilitated by interactive apps or games that can help students get a firmer grasp and practical knowledge of the language.

Whereas using apps is great for helping to supplement the traditional learning experience, don’t stop there! Allowing students to explore their own creativity helps to solidify learning plans and prompts the student to think outside the proverbial box thus encouraging personal growth.

By allowing students to express their unique understanding of a subject, not only are they gaining a deeper, possibly functional application of the material but they may inspire classmates to have a different perspective as well.

Higher Education

Usage of cell phones for education isn’t only helpful in a traditional classroom setting, but they are a pivotal proponent in higher education. With busy lives and ever-growing responsibilities, online classes are increasingly attractive.

Many students also use their phones to conduct research, access lectures and various other course materials. The portability of cell phones allows students of higher education to complete coursework on the go as to fit in with their busy life.

Stay Connected

Cell phones also assist with education by allowing teachers to stay connected with their students outside the classroom. There are mass texting apps that allow teachers to send alerts to remind their pupils of impending due dates for upcoming exams.

By making sure students are aware of instructor expectations, it will help them to excel in staying on task and meeting their obligations. There are also online forums where students can connect with their classmates to seek peer support or tutoring.

Teachers can also set up student access to their syllabus, grades and a link to directly email the instructor with any questions. At any given time, the pupil can check their grades and make sure assignments aren’t missing.

Of course, mobile technology is only as useful as the user allows. Make sure you don’t sell yourself short  —  use your phone to get the best education yet.

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