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The Endowment of Cyber Essentials and Accreditation Bodies


Despite introducing “10 steps to Cyber Security”, organisations were still confronting the data risk security breaches. Therefore, it was essential to develop an efficient and up-to-date security system which could combat the growing cyber-attacks. Hence, the Government launched the Cyber Essentials Scheme specifically designed to secure organisations and businesses in the UK from Cybercrime.

This scheme not only protects the companies’ data but also help the partners and customers to carry out active trading.

It depicts how the companies should address vulnerabilities such as data access policies and passwords. All firms whether small or large should have Cyber Essentials certifications service as the bare minimum but attaining the Cyber Insurance for your company is not just enough. You need to ensure adequate security to save your company from any damage.


What Cyber Essentials Grants You?

  • Indemnity Against Common Threats:

No security plan can give a 100 percent guarantee to your company to secure against the dereliction. But can minimise these risks too much extent. Cyber Essentials ensures the utmost protection to your company by providing it with a sturdy pedestal.

  • Allow your Company to Bid for Government Tenders:

The Government has proclaimed that suppliers must act in Cyber Essentials compliance if they want to bid for contracts of public sector tenders. This would not only result in defending the uprightness of the Government’s personal information but also benefit the suppliers in the process of bidding.

  • Ensure your guaranteed protection to the customers’ data:

When you mark the label of “Cyber Essentials” to your company and abide by it, you gain the trust of your employees, investors, and customers. Moreover, this results in targeting more customers, thus, increasing the credibility of your organisation. What else can be more appealing to the customers, if you certify them that their personal information is in safer hands? And your company takes matters of security very seriously.

  • An account of your Organisation’s Internal Security:

The Scheme requires a firm to be impregnable with the help of self-assessment. For adequate security against cyber threats, it’s essential to:

  • Verify the company’s security policies.
  • Keep updating the boundary firewalls.
  • Changing the passwords regularly and make it in strong characters.
  • Limit your network and software access from the employees.
  • Network Segmentation.
  • Keep checking and updating the antivirus in your systems.

Accreditation Bodies of Cyber Essentials:

The government has appointed the Certifying Bodies of Cyber Essentials which are licensed by Accreditation Bodies. They are five in number:

  • AMPG
  • QG

The Undertaking of Accreditation Bodies:

NCSC (National Cyber Security Centre) selected these accreditation bodies for the management and recruitment of various Certification Bodies to fulfil the standards of Cyber Essentials.

  1. Develop a questionnaire for Certification Bodies which they use in verification.
  2. Possess a systematic way to keep account of the Certification Bodies.
  3. Authenticate that Certification Bodies comply with NSCS’s requirements.
  4. NSCS audits these Certification Bodies annually.