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The Effects of Technology on Kids: Exploring the Positive and Negative Sides

Technology has transformed our lives drastically over the last few decades in practically every way. From the way we socialize to the way we work and lead our daily lives, technology has become an essential component in enhancing our way of living.

It also has a very dominant effect on how children grow and communicate with each other or with adults. Most of these new inventions have had a positive role to play when it comes to the development of children; however, there are some noticeable negative impacts as well.

Let’s read further to learn of what positive and negative effects technology has on the stages of development for children.

Positive Effects

Modern-day technology has done wonders by showing us new and improved ways of raising our children. It has provided many wonderful inventions that have radically improved the way in which children are raised.

Read on below to learn of a few of these positive effects of technology on your kid.

More Effective Communicating

More often than not, there are topics that adults find to be complicated to explain to children. Complex issues made it uncomfortable to discuss details with kids, leading to children not having clear and concise ideas about many topics.

Nowadays parents make use of modern technology such as internet articles on websites or videos to communicate with the kids about any given topic.

There is a vast amount of content available on any said topic and they can be made age-friendly to make it more interesting and fun to learn from. As a result, children are thus learning more accurately.

Vast Learning Pool

The internet is a great tool that has a myriad of information and material. These can be used to teach children and enhance their development throughout different stages. Children can learn the importance of time management by creating calendar events for family occasions.

They can also take advantage of clutter-free storage by creating folders in the cloud for storing their paperwork, photos, and other schoolwork. The internet greatly enhances a child’s learning experiences by providing age-relevant content, which can be used by parents to teach children about the different aspects of the world around them.

Creating a Stronger Bond

Technology has brought forward new and improved ways of how parents can spend quality time with children by participating in fun activities together. There are movies and TV shows that parents can watch with their children on DVD or CDs.

These videos will have learning content that will aid in the children’s mental development. Also, parents can participate in different video gaming with children for entertainment, or watch some singing and dancing videos to teach young kids about real-life situations such as numbers and colors or animals.

Learn About the Other Parts of the World

The internet provides children with a huge variety of information that can help them to learn about the different countries of the world, their geographical specifications, their cultures and history and also how people from those regions live their lives.

All of this can be done from a very young age and from the comfort of the children’s home. This can inform them of the endless possibilities that are waiting for them in the future and how they can drive their potential to achieve their desired lifestyle.

Negative Effects

Parents must be aware that all this new technology comes with a host of negative effects too for the kids. Let’s discuss a few negative effects that parents must be cautious about.

Unsuitable Online Content

The internet and television are filled with uncensored adult content which is seriously detrimental to a child’s emotional health. Also, online social media sites allow kids to come in contact virtually with just about anyone from any part of the world. These people might have ill intentions that might cause children to go astray.

Parents must monitor their children’s social media and online behavior strictly to make sure the children are not engaging in any risky or harmful activities online.

Causes the Brain to Slow Down

Hand-held gadgets have replaced playtime outdoors for many kids nowadays. Children rather stay indoors glued to screens rather than go out to play. This lack of exercise is causing serious repercussions in their mental and physical growth.

Increased and extreme use of technology is a major cause for Dyslexia in kids, which results in their brains not being able to grasp things quickly enough. This sedentary lifestyle also causes them to get isolated from the rest of the world.

Emitting of Harmful Blue Light

Gadgets such as TV screens or handheld devices such as smartphones and tablets emit a harmful blue light. Prolonged exposure to this is a major cause of irritated eyes, headaches and eye strain for children. Eye strain can also lead to blurry vision, nearsightedness, focusing issues, and eye fatigue.

Another harmful effect of this blue light is directly related to sleep. Sleep gets disturbed and the sleep-wake cycle gets disrupted. Hence the child’s body faces increased difficulty in preparing for sleep in the evening.

Bad Posture and Obesity

Kids are glued to their handheld devices daily, holding them up or bending over the screens. This promotes bad posture in children, which can lead to serious issues such as misalignment and subluxation in the spinal cord.

Also smartphones, tablets, TV and computer devices prevent children from getting physical exercise by going out to play. This directly causes obesity in kids due to a lack of exercise. Child obesity rates have risen drastically in the last few decades and it is leading to more serious health issues such as Diabetes in children.

Cognitive and Social Development Gets Delayed

Cognitive development is a crucial part of a 2 to 3-year-olds development and this gets seriously hampered due to the overuse of technological devices. There are certain skills that are best developed by exercising or playing outdoors, such as fine motor skills, spatial skills, and visual skills. Lack of outdoor exercise hampers these natural growths.

Technology also affects the way children interact with other kids and adults. Increased social media use is known to cause lower self-esteem and negative mood swings in children. It also reduces active face to face social communication with their peers, causing them to have difficulty in picking social cues or developing meaningful relations with others.


When it comes to kids, technology for fitness conscious has its pros and cons. It’s up to the parents to educate the children on what is the best way to utilize the use of technology for their own good. With proper guidance, monitoring and active participation from the parents, children can make the best of all the wonderful things that modern technology has to offer.

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