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The ear (1) from Nothing to make India debut on Aug. 17, 2021, priced Rs. 5,999

Carl Pei’s latest start-up, Nothing is now ready with its first product, the ear (1). To shed more light on it, ear (1) happens to be a true wireless earbud that is now all set to debut in India. The first thing that catches the attention with the ear (1) is its transparent case, which makes for a simple yet beautiful design touch that makes the whole thing look superbly classy and stylish.

Coming to its features, the ear (1) boasts of an 11.6 mm driver. Nothing said the good folks at Teenage Engineering did an excellent job in making the hardware and the software to work in perfect unison. This results in a balanced bass, treble, and mid-range performance. Also, integration of the latest Bluetooth 5.2 technology ensures a secured connection with the mother device at all times.

The built-in Active Noise Cancellation feature has also been perfected to ensure you have complete control over the amount of external noise you’d like to enter your years. For this, there are three high-definition mics at work that works to ensure the highest levels of protection against external noise when the Maximum mode is invoked. Similarly, there is the Light mode as well designed for less crowded places and will allow for moderate levels of external noise cancellation.

Then there is the Transparency mode which switches off the ANC feature. Also, there is the Clear Voice Technology which, Nothing said allows for clear voice reception during calls while keeping the distractions of external noise at bay. The company said the Clear Voice Technology has been specifically developed for the ear (1) earbuds.

For battery life, the ear (1) allows for 5.7 hours of listening time, which goes up to a commendable 34 hours with the case taken into consideration. The ear (1) is compatible with all Qi chargers and charges wirelessly. A mere 10 minutes of charge can support 8 hours of operation.

Other features of the ear (1) earbuds include Find My Earbud and Gesture Control customization, all of which can be accomplished via the ear (1) app itself. The earbuds are splash and sweat resistant too, besides also offering In-Ear Detection and Fast Pairing features. Each of the earbuds comes with three customizable liquid silicone tips and has been designed to allow for the most ergonomic and comfortable fit.

The ear (1) is all set to go on sale in India for rs. 5,999. The sale starts August 17, 2021, from 12 noon onwards via Flipkart.