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The curse of Plagiarism & Plagiarism Checker


If you are a writer of any sort who likes to publish content online have you ever thought about searching for your own work over the internet? Well, it sounds insane but what if you find someone else posting the same content under his/her name? Yeah, I know if something like this happens you will be pretty mad. Something similar actually happened to me, I used to post articles and thrilling stories over the internet one day somebody commented under my post asking if I own another website and post stuff there as well. I didn’t have any other website when I asked about the link, I found fifty percent of my written material on that site. It was shocking for me as that person didn’t mention my name anywhere in those articles instead used his own. I tried several attempts to contact that person through emails and comments, but he didn’t respond.

Stealing others work is an infringement to the rules of the internet, and thus there is a specific term used for it knows as uniqueness checker. In which you show others work as your own means become the wrongful owner and can fall under copyright infringement. It’s not itself a crime, but it isn’t good practice as well.

There are several ways to see if someone is using your work. First one can be doing stuff the manual method, but it will take ages if you are trying to find something similar to your content over the internet for that purpose the second way is used which is a plagiarism checker tool.


What falls under the category of plagiarism?

  • Copying someone’s written content and pasting on your website as your own.
  • Didn’t place a quotation in quotation mark.
  • Saving pictures that were taken by others (photographers) and putting on your website, showing it as your piece of work.
  • Placing videos that are not shot, edited in short made by you on your website without tagging the real owner.
  • Work of writers like poetry, stories using them on your site without quoting

There are a lot more to plagiarism than you know, it is very important to quote the source of information otherwise it is considered plagiarism.

Plagiarism checker a savior

Well, I happened to find about someone using my words as his own through comments, what about you? How are you going to find out if someone over the internet is using your work as his own? The answer is simple you cannot do it manually for sure, so I’ll suggest you a plagiarism checker tool online. Which will not only tell you about the whole content but will also let you know if a sentence from your work exists somewhere else on the internet.

Work of plagiarism checkers

Plagiarism checkers go through sentence by sentence and look for any similar content present over the internet, and sometimes you might find your whole article present on some other website. Don’t panic because you can always reach the owner of the site, tell them about your story and ask them to remove the content or change it. There is a possibility that they don’t know about plagiarism so add it to their knowledge and ask them to hire a good writer.

If you wrote an article, you could always use the plagiarism checker tool which will allow you to find grammatical mistakes as well and you can fix any spelling errors as well. It will suggest you words if you have used the same words more often.

There are various plagiarism checkers available online, but they are not always accurate. I have tried many after that incident, but they weren’t reliable at all. After a while, I started using plagiarism checker tools to write my content in because they contain the best grammar checkers as well. So whenever I made a mistake, it was highlighted in red color even if I missed a comma.

Best plagiarism checker so far

The plagiarism checker I will suggest is https://www.duplichecker.com/ this single site contains all the tools writers need. It provides a spell checker, grammar checker, plagiarism checker and much more. The most incredible thing about this website is it is absolutely free. You won’t be charged for using any of its tools and don’t even need to sign-up as some websites made it necessary. It is always good to receive newsletters containing useful information so why not going for a sign-up?