Past few Years, we could see that HTC didn’t do any good in their Smartphone game where none of their Phones did well in the Market and faced huge losses. But Seems like the company is to overcome all the problems they faced in past by launching an all-new Block-chain Smartphone stating as ‘First Cold Wallet Phone’ and expected to announce anytime in Q3 and launched by end of this Year.

In a Recent Interview of Phil Chen with Verge, mentioned that the Price would be somewhere similar to the World’s first Blockchain Smartphone Finney(Created by Sirin Labs) which would cost around $1000. So we should expect this Phone to be surely expensive than the iPhone X.

Source: HTC

Since the Phone is based on blockchain so the main aspect comes here is where the Customer can safely guard their Crypto-Currency i.e, BitCoins, Etherium or any other in the Phone rather than relying on any cloud-based Platform. If you’re more into Security, Privacy or Crypto-Currency then a price of $1000 should not matter as it justifies all the cost and would be turning out to be the most secure Crypto Wallet Hardware.

Source: HTC

According, to the website we could say that from internal to External everything will be designed to developed by HTC and at this point, it clearly seems the Phone would not be powering up with the most famous OS Android but with a different OS specifically designed to accompany the ideas of Blockchain.

Not only this, HTC has partnered with the most famous etherium based Game – CryptoKitties which would be coming preinstalled in the Phone and it might not be a surprise as the Game is initially launched only on HTC U12.

Keeping all this in mind We could say this is the only Phone HTC is relying upon as of now, as already HTC is failing in the Android Smartphones and this Blockchain Smartphone might really change them.