We love GoPro cameras. They’re great tiny tech wonders that deliver an outstanding experience when it comes to capturing the most exciting moments of travel or sports activities. And with the release of the latest GoPro Hero 7 Black, we consider it to be the most versatile action camera without any doubts. Just take a look at some of its key features:

  • The in-built stabilization, which allows you to shoot smooth video without the need to carry a gimbal.
  • Increased waterproof capability up to 10m – no additional safety boxes required.
  • Ability to launch and operate the camera with 16 different voice commands.
  • Enhanced HDR for better tone mapping and noise reduction, which produces great images even in a dim light environment.
  • Handheld time-lapse mode, which allows you to record a smooth time-lapse video on the move.
  • Finally, a wide verity of different accessories, which allow you to record video with GoPro cameras from angles no other camera would do.

If money is no object, we highly recommend to get a GoPro Hero 7 Black, you won’t regret. But if you think it is a bit pricy, you could stick with a much cheaper and lighter on features version.

No matter what GoPro version you choose, there is one thing you should keep in mind – even the toughest and safest cameras can’t protect your precious footage 100% of the time. There is always a chance you can lose your recorded video files due to some glitch or an accident. In fact, since GoPro cameras are often used in the most extreme environments, they’re much more prone to scenarios when your recorded video files may get damaged and unplayable.

This is why video repair tools that can be used to fix corrupted GoPro files became popular among GoPro users in the recent few years. In this article, we’re going to review the best video recovery tools that we think you should try when dealing with corrupted GoPro video files.

  1. Restore.Media


When it comes to repairing corrupted GoPro video files, Restore.Media is our top pic. Here is why:

  • It’s an online tool that can be used from any device, including a smartphone. You can use Restore.Media to repair your broken GoPro files from a Windows PC, Mac, Android or iPhone. There is nothing to install – you just register a free account and start working with the tool right away.
  • We also like that there is a detailed guide on how to repair GoPro videos with the tool on Restore.Media’s blog. This helps a lot, especially if you’re not that tech-savvy. In addition to the guide, there are a lot of tips that will help you protect your GoPro files from being damaged in the future.
  • One of the key features of Restore.Media is its dedicated recovery algorithm optimized specifically for repairing broken GoPro video files. It can work with all GoPro models and even the most severely damaged files. Restore.Media also employs algorithms that can filter out junk data from your GoPro video files. This is helpful if you’ve accidentally deleted your file from a memory card.
  • Another important thing we’d like to mention here is the ability to watch a full-time preview of the repaired video before having to pay for the tool. You won’t find such an option in any other video recovery app. All other tools we’ve tested provide only a few minutes of a preview or have no preview at all. Contrary, with Restore. Media, you can check if your GoPro file has actually been fixed before paying for the service.
  • The media has quite an easy to understand interface. We had no issues while going through the process of repairing our GoPro files. Each step and screen have detailed text guides and tips that help you on your way.
  • Finally, if you can’t repair your GoPro files yourself, there is an extra layer of support at Restore.Media – the option to ask for manual recovery of your files by one of the company’s video engineers. Please keep in mind though, if you choose this option, one of the Restore.Media’s engineers may need to watch/listen a part of your GoPro video to be able to find and resolve the problem with the file by hand.
  • The price to repair a file with Restore.Media depends on the video size and complexity of the issue. If you have multiple video files that need to be fixed, you can ask for a discount.
  1. Video Repair Tool

Video Repair Tool

This is another tool that we’d like to mention in this article. It’s not specifically designed for repairing damaged GoPro files but supports MP4 video format, which is used in GoPro cameras.

Out of others, we’d like to mention the following features of this tool:

  • First, it’s a downloadable tool, which means you need to install it. It won’t work on Android and iOS devices, but there are Windows and macOS versions.
  • Although the interface is quite easy to use, there are a couple of hidden options that you should be aware of:

If audio is missing from the repaired video file, you need to choose the option to Enable AAC detection and then repeat the recovery process. And if the repaired video is hanging, you need to activate the No CTTS repair option in the main menu and then try to recover the video once again.

  • Another great feature is that you can repair multiple files in batch. Video Repair Tool allows you to upload several corrupted GoPro files at once and then fix them all with a single click.
  • The tool allows you to preview 50% of the repaired video for free. To get a complete file, you will have to activate the tool with a license key.
  • There are two license options: a 29 EUR license allows you to fix 5 files, while with a 99 EUR license you can fix an unlimited number of corrupted video files.


GoPro cameras are tough enough to capture video in the most extreme environments. However, there may be scenarios when even GoPro cameras may fail to record video files properly. As a result, your precious video may get damaged and be unplayable. If this is the case, we hope this article will help you choose the right tool to repair your corrupted GoPro video files.