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The best value Xiaomi smartphones

Xiaomi has become the go-to brand for anyone looking for a high-performing mobile device at a low price. Of course, the fame of the Chinese brand has risen to such levels that the best smartphones in their inventories now cost like a medium segment device, but the quality of the hardware remains a top-notch segment.

But sometimes it is hard to choose between so many models that Xiaomi is releasing, and that’s why today we will review the best Xiaomi smartphones of 2022. Consider this a guide that will help you decide which model to choose according to what you’re looking for.


One of the most balanced devices in terms of features and performance. This phone punctuates a grade A in almost all it has to offer, making it one of the best Xiaomi phones of the year.

And one of the main advantages it offers is the powerful hardware. And you might ask yourself, why is this so important?

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The POCO F3 internal CPU allows the phone to run multiple apps at the same time without losing any functioning speed. Add to the mix the screen with high definition and it becomes a phone that’s ideal for gamers or people who spend long hours in front of their smartphones.

The only downside of this mobile device could be the camera. It still has an image quality that’s more than enough for the usual “Instagrammer”, but it definitely isn’t as good as other Xiaomi models.

Battery life can also be a tad limited when using the phone continuously but on the flip side, you’ll have this phone fully charged in less than an hour.

For less than 300 dollars it’s an absolute win.

Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G

But if you’re the kind of person who looks carefully into the style and design of your phone, then the best option in the same range as the POCO F3 is the Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G. You’ll be surprised by its minimalistic design and even more of its weight. This phone is a must for those that have a hard time with smartphones becoming each time bigger and heavier.

Xiaomi has also managed to offer a thin phone with the same screen qualities as other models. The Xiaomi 11 Lite has an AMOLED screen dotted with 90Hz and the feeling of an endless screen when watching videos in full screen.

And with the current rise of 5G networks, you won’t need to worry because this Xiaomi comes with a fully integrated 5G chip that’s meant to have high-performing capabilities. With the actual distribution planning and growth of 5G networks, it could be possible that you’re already in a 5G area.

For those of you that have an important digital footprint through social networks, the camera of the 11 Lite could be a little limited, but for a phone worth under 300 dollars, it’s one of the best cameras available.

Xiaomi 11i

To not deceive those of you who give a lot of importance to the camera quality of a phone, we have the best value Xiaomi smartphone in terms of image hardware.

When looking for smartphones with the best camera bundle, you always end up in very high segments of brands that can cost you up to a thousand dollars. That’s what many computers can cost!

Thankfully, Xiaomi has released the 11i which offers a camera with all the professional features that any photography enthusiast can ask for: a wide-angle lens, macro, a secondary lens, and an outstanding “selfie” lens that will leave you speechless when used with natural lightning.

The Xiaomi 11i comes with a very similar hardware package as the models mentioned before but kills its competition with the quality of the camera.

Find it online for less than 500 dollars.

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