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The Best PC Setup For Online Gaming

Technology has made it possible to enjoy a gaming experience that would have been unthinkable even only a decade ago. Gaming engines, amazing graphics, HD streaming, responsive controls, and rapid streaming have made online video games one of the fastest-growing entertainment industries. The gaming experience gets better and better without limitations due to hardware, software, or broadband infrastructure support – and even has spawned professional gaming, which is attracting such huge crowds that arenas across the world are packed.


Having all this at their fingertips is fantastic news for gamers, who will continue to enjoy their favourite franchises and casino classics. Nevertheless, the quality of the gaming experience will always be determined by the technology you’re using. In an era where more players than ever are choosing to completely customize their setups, everyone has an opinion on what would maximize game enjoyment. The following is our guide to the best PC setup for online gaming, especially for high-quality casino games.

Operating System of Choice

In terms of specifically supporting gamers’ needs, Windows 10 continues the legacy of Windows 7. Despite its shortcomings, Windows 8 was an OK platform, but for gaming in general Windows 7 stands as a solid enough platform with few additions. The performance of DirectX 12 has improved over a previous iteration, and DirectX 12 comes standard with Windows 10. Do not be misled – Windows 10 isn’t going to feel like a drastic upgrade from Windows 8. Even the slight advantages of Windows 10 make it the best platform for those who want the best performance.

Processor of the Year

Despite the close sweep, Intel’s K-series i5 processor stands out as a strong contender in terms of gaming performance. However, the AMD R5 1600x beats it by a whisker, as it is designed specifically for gaming performance. Besides, this is more than enough to run most online casino platforms at lightning speeds and with great responsiveness. Furthermore, the AMD processor provides maximum performance for a wide variety of online games, and you’ll notice that your computer is capable of handling even the most challenging of titles from free spins no deposit in Canada. Having 6 cores, 12 threads, and a clock speed of 3.6-4GHz, this processor is going to blow everything else on the market away when it comes to giving you the gaming experience you crave.

Graphics Card with the Best Performance

Another tricky one is choosing which graphics cards to use for gaming, as there are now so many that excel at gaming. We were almost hesitant to choose a winner from the bunch, we’ll go with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050. This desktop computer’s high-quality performance and 2GB memory allow you to play virtually any game in stunning definition, and at a speed that will make you remember why you chose it to begin with. Despite its relatively low power consumption, it offers reliable power that doesn’t compromise on performance, without hogging up your electricity bill.

Optimal Monitor

Designed with gaming in mind, the LG 27GN950-B is one of the most advanced monitors available today. Your games will shine on it thanks to the AMD Free-Sync, 1ms GTG, and 144Hz refresh rate. Whatever your preferred game is, whether it’s Dota 2 or live blackjack, you’ll enjoy playing with this monitor – as well as it looking stylish. Some other great options are Gigabyte G27Q, Pixio PX277 Prime, and Samsung Odyssey Neo G9. Finally, if you’re looking for a big screen, Acer does not disappoint. The Predator X38 is a huge 38-inch curved display that looks stunning.

An Ideal Chair

Getting the best possible PC setup isn’t always about the technical stuff; in fact, if you want the best chair for gaming, you might want to pick up one. Herman Miller’s Aeron Chair feels like a supercar, but it’s more than that. Besides the aluminium base, the lumbar support and padding make this as comfortable as they come. Although it isn’t the cheapest chair around, it will keep you comfortable for hours on end while playing your favourite casino games. Another great choice is Secretlab Titan Evo 2022, racing back, levelled seat base with magnetic cushion and covers, that will make players feel like they are floating on air.


Anyone with a computer and an Internet connection can access online gambling platforms. Casino games can even be played on a mobile device such as a phone or tablet. To ensure the best experience, however, play your favourite casino at home, on the computer. This is why so many gambling experts stress the importance of a good PC setup. So, what does your perfect gambling PC setup look like?

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