Being a power PC user can definitely skyrocket your efficiency, giving you the ability to tackle your deadlines with more ease. One of the best ways you can become more efficient is by investing in a second monitor for your office. You’ll find that a second monitor is definitely a welcome addition to a desk, no matter the nature of your work.

If you’re still not convinced, we’re going to take you through every reason why a dual monitor setup is a step up from the classic, dull, single-monitor PC. That being said, let’s get to it.

It Increases Productivity

We all love to be productive. Doing things faster opens us up to more activities, makes us pop out in an office environment and impress our superiors, and is overall more satisfying. Using a dual-monitor setup will give you an edge over your colleagues or will make your workload flow swifter without compromising the quality of your final product.

An NEC study shows that some workers can even register a 44% increase in productivity, something that’s staggering. Imagine being able to finish something in 5.5 hours instead of 10. These are the margins of improvement we’re talking about.

This study focused solely on people who deal with a lot of documents and texts. If you find yourself constantly using Alt+Tab to switch between windows or have to work with multiple tabs open at all times in your browser, then you qualify as one of the people who’d benefit most from using a multi-monitor setup.

You Can Use Multiple Programs At The Same Time

One of the biggest selling points of a multi-screen setup is being able to run multiple software and accessing all of the information at once. Depending on your field of work, this can really help you in tackling complex tasks with more ease. Video editing, writing, data entry and processing, these are just some examples of jobs that can benefit from running two screens at a time.

If you even want to take it a step further, you can even use two screens set to separate devices, which is a great way to increase your software’s performance and your productivity in fields like game streaming.

Catching a break can also be easier since you can keep an eye on your work and another on your favorite streamer, your favorite show, or whatever it is you want to watch to relieve some stress.

You Can Constantly Monitor Email, Slack or Skype

Whether you’re a freelancer or work in an office environment, you’ll agree with us when we say that communication is crucial. A multi-monitor setup gives you the ability to monitor your correspondence without having to keep a cluttered browser in the background. Simply set up your correspondence on your second screen and tackle tasks without any care, getting your updates in real-time.

Opens up Laptop Usability

Laptops are very convenient, but just like anything else in the world, that convenience comes at a price. Most laptops follow the 15.6’’ screen standard paired with the IPS panel technology, two things that make for a usable, but the unimpressive monitor.

Connecting a monitor to your laptop will give you a whole new world of opportunities. If you’re a graphic designer, you know how bland the color scheme on an IPS panel is. An LED-backlit screen will definitely up your color accuracy, giving your clients or bosses better products.

If you’re a gamer, then you know that gaming on a laptop has serious drawbacks, one of which is the screen quality. Purchasing an additional gaming monitor for your laptop will give you more accuracy in shooters and a better, more immersive experience in single-player, story-driven titles. You can also forget about all the loading times associated with Alt-Tabbing in-between games and Chrome or Discord, something that’s really a pain when you’re playing online.

It’s Super Easy to Set Up

If you’re held back by the technical side of things that are associated with installing new hardware, then don’t fret. Installing a new monitor is often a 3-step process. The first thing that you need to look out for is the inputs. You might have HDMI, DP, DVI, and VGA. The latter two are pretty old standards and can only be found on limited products that are still in stock but haven’t been produced for the better part of the past decade.

Once you made sure that your device of choice is equipped with one of these outputs to match your monitor’s input methods, you have to install the stand, power it up, connect it to your PC/laptop and you’re set! Some monitors come with different refresh rates and you might need to install newer graphics drivers to take full advantage of higher resolutions, but it’s all really easy.


Adding a new monitor to your setup requires a small investment and a lot of desk space, but it’s one of the biggest productivity boosters for office workers. With a second monitor, you have the ability to stay in constant communication with your collaborators and colleagues without dealing with a cluttered display, enjoy a little bit of entertainment when work is slow without compromising quality, and run multiple software while staying 100% productive. Make sure that your hardware is fit to support your future monitor and you’re set!

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