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The Amazing and Magical World of Video Games

Video games are interactive games played on a computer or other device using computer graphics for display. It can also involve a user interface or an input device like a keyboard, joystick, or controller for the user to maneuver the visual display device. The gamer can see the output on a personal computer, television, or virtual reality headset.

Video Games Platform

Video games are determined thru their platform. A digital platform is an area that is comprised of software that has program code to be used to communicate with the computer. It can be applied in an Operating System, a web browser, hardware, or any application. Video game platforms can be found in console games, television, smartphones, and personal computers.

Why do people like video games?

Video games played on a smartphone or other gadgets bring exhilarating fun to the gamer especially if played with the team. It is the same as gambling online, the same thrill and excitement but only one difference. The key difference is online gamblers can get a chance to win real money. The player can easily get their pay money or make a deposit in various ways. They can use credit or debit cards, online banking, and third-party payment options such as PayPal. Casinovibez, a notable online gambling site in the US offers Paypal for the clients’ comfort. The site also provides various games and the best bonuses. Just like playing video games, it brings people together.

Trivial History

The first video game was introduced in the 1950s using a video-like output from huge computers. In 1971, the arcade video game Computer Space was introduced in the market making it the first consumer video game then followed by Pong in 1972. In 1983, the video game market dwindled because of poor marketing and not-so-good quality games so the consumers turned to Nintendo, a Japanese multinational consumer electronics and video game company, Sega and Sony. During these times, video game companies developed methods to prevent a similar crash in the future.

Moving forward, the year 2000 paved the way for the video game to skyrocket especially because of the availability of the internet and digital distribution. Many independent video game development (indie games created by some individuals without the support financially and technically by large game publishers) introduced their version of video games widely known by 2010. By 2020, the video game industry earned the global market revenue estimated around $159 Billion and it will continue to grow.

The Top Three Latest and the Best-selling Video Games

Video games are selling like hotcakes and they became more sensational compare to the ’80s and the ’90s. One major reason for it is probably its mobility. Players can play video games practically anywhere and anytime using their smartphones or any gadgets that they have. Another thing is it is interactive and there’s a bigger chance for the players to play with their friends or family members using avatars or for a wider scope, they can also get a chance to play with other people from another team from the same location or offshore.

As of now, the best-selling video game is Minecraft. It is a sandbox game (an isolated environment in which a program can be run or tested, for example, to prevent accidental damage to other parts of the system) and it can be played using PC, smartphones, and game console platforms. Created by Mojang  Studios, it is a construction video game wherein players can interact and the game has a modified three–dimensional environment made of blocks and entities. The good thing about this game is it lets the player choose the way they play.

The next best-selling video game is the Grand Theft Auto V. It is an action-adventure type of game that was first released in 1997 for MS-Dos and Microsoft Windows ad was designed by BMG Interactive. Grand theft Auto is a game wherein a police officer is out to pursue a criminal. IT is very popular because of the fun and thrill that most players get.

The third one is the Tetris. Tetris is created by Russian software engineer Alexey Pajitnov in 1984, players have to complete the lines by moving different shape slides. Each time it forms a line, it will add to the score of the player and the line would disappear allowing the player to play more. Now, once the shapes don’t match and it reached the top, game over.

Final insight:

There are a lot of video games that offer different manners to entertain players. The best thing about it is no matter how it evolves, it never lost its touch to entertain people.

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