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The 9 Best Nintendo Switch Deals for Mario Day

The 9 Best Nintendo Switch Deals for Mario Day

Mario Day, celebrated on March 10th, is a special occasion for fans of Nintendo’s iconic plumber, Mario. This year, Nintendo and the gaming community have lined up a month filled with activities, deals, and more to honor the beloved character.K

Key Highlights:

  • Countdown to Mario Day 2024: Excitement builds with a series of events leading up to March 10th.
  • Game Deals Galore: Expect significant price drops on popular Mario titles and accessories.
  • Special Edition Consoles: Fans are hopeful for unique Nintendo Switch bundles and editions.
  • LEGO Celebrations: LEGO plans to join the festivities with double Insider points and potential new sets.
  • Official Announcements Pending: Nintendo is set to reveal its full plans for Mario Day 2024 soon.

The 9 Best Nintendo Switch Deals for Mario Day

Introduction to Mario Day

Mario Day, also known as Mar10 Day, brings excitement with the promise of spring and a celebration of Nintendo’s mustachioed hero. It’s not just a one-day event but a period filled with special activities, game deals, and collectible releases both online and in physical stores. Last year, celebrations included a party at the Nintendo Store in New York City, showcasing the deep connection between fans and the Mario universe.

A Closer Look at Mario Day Deals

Gamers can anticipate a treasure trove of deals, including discounts on first-party games featuring Mario and his companions. The day is also expected to bring a variety of officially licensed third-party accessories such as controllers, console cases, and more. Despite recent years’ somewhat underwhelming holiday console bundles, there is hope for something special this Mario Day, reminiscent of past offerings like the vibrant Splatoon 3 Switch OLED or the new Mario Red Edition Switch OLED console.

Expanding on Mario Day Celebrations

Interactive Fan Engagements:

Past events have seen interactive elements like themed parties and meet-and-greets with characters from the Mario universe. Nintendo often engages with fans both online and in real-life events, fostering a community spirit that goes beyond just playing games.

Digital and In-Store Promotions:

Retailers and the Nintendo eShop typically offer discounts on Mario games and merchandise. These deals can range from classic titles to the latest releases, making it an excellent time for fans to expand their collection or jump into the Mario world for the first time.

Special Edition Releases:

Nintendo has a history of releasing limited edition consoles and accessories to commemorate Mario Day. These can include special artwork, unique color schemes, and bundled games that offer a more immersive way for fans to celebrate their favorite plumber.

Mario Day and LEGO

LEGO’s involvement in Mario Day has become a staple, with the company releasing several Nintendo-themed sets in the past. This year, LEGO has teased its participation with double Insider points and hints at new kits. Discounts on existing Nintendo LEGO sets are also expected, continuing the tradition of merging brick-building fun with the Mario universe.

Mario Day 2024 promises to be a celebration filled with joy, nostalgia, and great deals for fans of all ages. While official details are still forthcoming, the anticipation builds for what Nintendo has planned for this special day. Whether it’s game discounts, new console bundles, or LEGO sets, Mario Day is shaping up to be a memorable event for the gaming community​​.

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