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Best tools for Shopify that every store should be using in 2019

Many Shopify owners have big dreams about selling their products online. They think: If I build it, they will come. But then reality hits: running a successful e-commerce store requires skill and effort.

The good news is that there are tools for Shopify that can significantly simplify the process and increase your chances of success.

That’s why we’ve curated 6 of the best Shopify apps that every online store should be using in 2019.



Adoric allows you to run on-site Conversion Rate Optimization popups of all kinds. With the help of their automated wizard, you don’t need to design or code anything.

Adoric’s product offers ready-to-publish Abndonded cart popups, promotions with unique coupon codes, Email registration with integration to Shopify, Spin the Wheel, Coouppon offer to finish the purchase, and more.


  • Automatic unique coupon code: Create a unique coupon code with one click. Adoric will automatically create the code in your store.
  • Multiple devices: Create a sharp look and feel for mobile, desktops, and tablets with one click.
  • No coding is needed: Adoric pulls the information from the cart, and Adoric recognizes the relevant audience.
  • Get assisted revenue report: You have a dashboard reporting how much money Adoric assisted you to earn from abandoned cart campaigns.

Why choose the Adoric app for abandoned popups?

As a merchant, you want to work less and get more. The Adoric wizard offers a unique way to publish smart popups to help you sell more and have more emails.

You only need to choose one of their many pretty templates and publish it.


When it comes to the best Shopify apps for 2019, Omnisend is first on the list for many reasons.

The primary way to boost sales and increase your brand awareness is through email automation. Omnisend is rated the #1 marketing platform in the Shopify App Store. The Omnisend app can put a large portion of your marketing strategy on autopilot.

It is easy to install and will seamlessly integrate with all your marketing channels. You will be able to:

  • Create automated workflows
  • Segment your contacts by demographics and buying habits
  • Send hyper-relevant campaigns that will earn you higher revenue

Omnisend is a must-have Shopify app for 2019 and beyond.


Makers, artisans, and manufacturers can finally bridge the gap between sales and production with Katana for Shopify.
This increasingly popular Shopify App is built by manufacturers, for modern product-making businesses, who want to centralize their entire business onto one easy-to-understand, visual dashboard.
Katana offers you:
  • A smart auto-booking engine which tracks inventory of finished goods and raw materials in real-time
  • Priority-based production planning that allows you to fulfill VIP orders quicker while automatically recalculating production flow
  • Integration and stock synchronization with your Shopify account
Katana is an all-in-one solution designed for scaling manufacturers looking to grow their business.

Smart SEO

Search engine optimization is non-negotiable when it comes to driving traffic to your Shopify store. Unfortunately, it requires a little training to master and a lot of time to institute. With Smart SEO, you can optimize your Shopify store 80% faster.

The Smart SEO app will:

  • Generate meta and alt tags storewide
  • Enhance search engine results through data structuring
  • Allow you to handpick which pages to index

With the Smart SEO app, you can save valuable time by automating a large portion of search engine optimization. That’s why it is on our must-have list for 2019.

Referral Candy

Hubspot reports that customers are 71% more likely to purchase your products if a friend has referred them. If you want to dramatically increase your Shopify sales, install the Referral Candy app.

It is simple to set up and works on autopilot once you have set it up. You can offer your customers store credits, product discounts, cash payouts or tangible gifts for sharing your products with their friends.

Referral Candy tracks everything for you, freeing you up to do what you love best.

Outfy Social Media Promotion

It is next to impossible to have a successful Shopify store without social media. That’s why we love Outfy Social Media Promotion.

This highly rated Shopify app can help you increase your social reach to the 12 most popular social media networks, including:

  • Facebook
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Tumblr

The app seamlessly integrates with your Shopify store so that you can reach your customers with ease. Best of all, you can set it on autopilot so that it will push your posts automatically.

It is the perfect way to keep your store social in 2019.


Social proof is the new marketing buzzword because it generates confidence in your brand, resulting in more sales.

Yotpo is the perfect Shopify app for social proof. It helps brands of all sizes collect and showcase buyer reviews, photos and questions, and answers on their website and other marketing channels.

Put social proof to work for you in 2019 with Yotpo.

Free Shipping Bar

Our list of 6 must-have tools for Shopify stores would not be complete without Free Shipping Bar.

This app dramatically reduces buying friction on your website. It is a static bar that alerts your customers that you offer free shipping.

Fast, free shipping is ruling the Internet world. That’s why we highly recommend Free Shipping Bar for 2019.

With free shipping, you can expect:

  • More sales
  • Higher revenue per transaction
  • Happy customers


SaleSource is a powerful, AI-based market research tool that helps online businesses carry out product research, market trends, competitor intelligence, etc. With 69/month on a monthly plan and 29/month on a yearly plan, it truly is a bargain that cannot be missed.

There are tons of great apps for Shopify, but sometimes it can be hard to navigate through the store and find the perfect one for your ecommerce store. This list should give you a great starting point to create a great strategy for your Shopify store. Use these 6 must-have apps for Shopify, and expect great things for 2019.

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