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The 5 best benefits of using a Smart Lock

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) has found its way into almost everyone’s lives at this point. Devices that communicate with each other, be they cars, phones, or even retail stores, are designed to make peoples’ lives more convenient. They learn our habits and provide solutions to save time and money. One way that the IoT has helped people is by making their homes work better for them. Smart devices that were once considered gimmicky are increasingly useful and common. The indoor climate, ovens and other cooking appliances, refrigerators and doors can all be accessed and controlled over the internet. These smart devices can be customized to personal preference that makes a home more comfortable, lowers energy costs and keeps things safe. One of the most popular smart devices in homes, and even in offices, is the smart lock. The smart lock helps property owners control access in and out of a home or building. It’s a great tool that is saving folks time and giving them peace of mind while they’re away. Here’s a breakdown of the top five smart lock benefits.

  1. Controlled Access

How annoying is having to sit at home waiting for some delivery or repair technician to show up? They usually give customers a several-hour window in which they will arrive, essentially occupying a large portion or even an entire day. Well, with smart locks that’s a thing of the past. Smart locks can grant delivery people or anyone else you want to allow into your home code or timed access into the house or building. The owner can control how long they want to grant access, and even get notifications when the lock and door have been open and shut again. It essentially allows you to be in charge of who goes into your house when you’re not there. It’s great for people concerned about someone else stealing packages from the front porch that are usually left on a step in the middle of the day.

  1. Peace of Mind

We’ve all been at work in the middle of the day and the thought’s crossed our mind that maybe we forgot to lock the front door. Imagine leaving on a vacation and having to deal with the worry that comes along with those thoughts the entire trip. It can cause people to be anxious and even drive home in the middle of the day to make sure things are secure. Smart locks typically have a mobile application that works on a smartphone to control the locking mechanism. By simply opening the application, people can see whether their door is locked. If it’s been left open, locking it is as simple as the press of a button. Some locks have settings that track your position and if you’re a certain length from the door it will automatically lock itself.

  1. Perfect for Families or Employees

A lot of parents have to find a way their kids can get in the house after school. Many times, that means they’re walking around with a spare house key, or it means leaving a key under a mat or some other hidden place around the house. Although we love our children, giving them a key or leaving one under a flower pot somewhere is an unnecessary risk. Smart locks avoid the need to have spare keys floating around out there. Children can get in and out of the house by using the smart lock and bypass the need for a physical key.

The same goes for the workplace. Key management is a critical part of any building security. Unfortunately, a lot of businesses have had to learn the expensive way that lost keys and master keys can be complicated. Smart locks can allow employees or customers access to parts of the office or building they need to, without opening up parts that don’t need to be.

  1. No More Getting Locked Out

We’ve all been there. You’ve lost your keys or something gets miscommunicated with your family so someone ends up locked out of the house. Tempers flare as you walk around seeing if there are any loose windows and contemplate whether or not to smash some glass in order to get in. If you’re lucky enough to have a neighbour you trust, you might have to trek over and get the spare key you left with him or her. In worst-case scenarios, you have to wait hours until someone else comes home or pay a locksmith hundreds of dollars to get you in. Even if you’re fortunate enough to pry open a window and get in, that’s not a great look from a security perspective. Smart locks remove the anger and dead time that comes from getting locked out. The absence of a physical key means it can be opened from a phone without any stress.

  1. Customized Options to Personal Preference

Perhaps the best benefit of smart locks is that it places more power in the hands of a homeowner or building manager. You can decide when the locks switch on and when doors open up. There’s no more guesswork. Some smart locks come with intercom systems that you can use to talk to people outside the door, increasing security and convenience. A lot of them have cameras so you can actually see who’s outside and verify their identity before giving them access inside. Smart locks keep a lock of entry so you can see who’s coming in at what time and at which entrance. You can arrange settings, so you get notifications when people are opening doors. You’ll get alerts when something’s wrong like a door’s been left open or a scheduled opening didn’t occur. You no longer have to do the rounds at the end of the day to make sure everything’s been locked up. All that can be done at the touch of the button or set up to occur at the same time automatically each day. Smart locks are one of the best ways to take advantage of technology in the home.

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