Tesla CEO Elon Musk unveils solar roof manufactured out of Glass in Los Angeles

Elon Musk has revealed a new solar roof product manufactured out of glass titles at Universal Studios in Los Angeles, California. According to reports, the main aim of the solar-roof product is to make Tesla Motors eco-friendly with clean energy.

Addressing a large gathering of guests, Tesla CEO Musk disclosed that the purpose of the new product is to create better and enhanced solar roofs than normal ones. He also showcased several houses with embedded solar titles. Since the titles are fully integrated into the roofs, the audience could not identify whether they are indeed solar.

How do we have a solar roof that is better than a normal roof, looks better, the last longer? You want to pull your neighbours over and say Check out this sweet roof.

Elon Musk emphasized on the reliability of the solar cells

In his speech, Musk laid emphasis about the efficiency and reliability of the solar cells and the warranty of the roofs. He also spoke about the approximate cost upon its general availability.

Based on a wide range of architectural choices, the solar roof will ship in four styles such as Textured Glass Tile, Slate Glass Tile, Tuscan Glass Tile, and Smooth Glass Tile. According to the official website of SolarCity, the production will start during mid-2017 and stated that the tempered glass is as tough as steel.

Viability of solar cells questioned by experts

Responding to media, Paula Mints, chief market research analyst at SPV Market Research directly questioned the basics of the new offering. Mints argued that the company is losing money by introducing products like solar roofs since it is not a new technology.

In a statement, Tesla said that the solar roof consists of uniquely designed glass tiles that equate the aesthetics of any home. Moreover, the solar roofs are integrated with the high-efficiency photovoltaic cells.

As a customer, you can choose the sections of the roof that will most likely contain the hidden solar technology. Even after that, the entire roof looks the same.

It remains to be seen as to how a general customer responds to the new product when it will be launched in 2017. Can it really provide the required clean energy? Let’s wait and watch.

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