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Ten things you should avoid while buying a new smartphone

Buying a new smartphone is always an exciting proposition. There is no dearth of smartphones too available in the market. From display types and sizes to specifications and feature lists, there are almost always several models in every price range to suit user preferences. That might make you believe selecting one from the heap is an easy task.

Unfortunately, the reality can’t be further from the truth as zeroing in on the phone that you feel suits your requirements such as playing the PA Online Casinos game itself be a brain-crunching exercise. This perhaps applies more to those who aren’t too tech-savvy as they might not know which suits them best until they have started using the phone.

That said, there sure are ways to make buying a new smartphone a lot simpler if done in a planned manner. Listed below are a few steps that should make buying a new smartphone quite a hassle-free experience.

List out your priorities

It is easy to get carried away with all the excitement of buying a new smartphone though you’ve got to start with a practical and sensible approach. Else, you risk splurging your hard-earned money on something that does not serve your purpose. So, begin with a cool head and sort out what exactly are the things you’d like your new smartphone to be capable of.

Whether you want the phone to remain connected to the social channels, the best camera phone, or a gaming device that you are looking for, you got to be clear what your requirements are beforehand.

Check design and functionality

The phone’s design plays a huge role in deciding its appeal. That applies both to its looks as well as the manner it has been packaged. The other not so perceptible thing to consider here is the phone’s build which determines how much of a beating it can take in real life. Sure, you would be taking nice care of the phone though it is going to last longer if it has been built tough. An IP rating for water and dust ingress can be an added positive.

Check last year’s model as well

While it is easy to get carried away with the hype and hoopla associated with the latest phone, those always come at a premium. If you can afford the same, it’s fine. Else, opting for the outgoing model can make a lot of sense, more so as the predecessor almost always gets a hefty price cut once the latest model is launched. And with companies resorting to launching a new model every year, the phone launched last often continues to be fresh and relevant. Hence, have that in consideration as well.

Check user reviews

After you have narrowed down your choice to a few models, you will do well to check user reviews for each device. Give preference to those reviews that have been penned after a few months of using the phone. This way, you can expect to have the most realistic ownership experience of the phone. This should also provide you with nice guidance on whether the phone will indeed serve your purpose.

Check display size

Most phones today come with display sizes that are almost around the 7-inch mark. Bezel depth too has diminished over the years, which means the phones itself haven’t seen a substantial increase in size even though the screen sizes have increased. Still, try to find out which size suits you best taking into account your usage pattern (one-handed usage or otherwise) and such. Another consideration to go for would be the notched displays vs edge-to-edge displays that have pop-up selfie cam. The latter does look better though the mechanical pop-up camera could be prone to failure compared to the static selfie cam accommodated in the front notch.

Check battery size

Battery size is of vital consideration for any smartphone. For the phone is as good till the time its battery lasts. However, the battery will drain faster if you undertake tasks such as video photography, media editing, playing games, and so on. So, if you wish to do such with your new phone, make sure you opt for only those phones with sizeable batteries.

Check internal storage

Again, if you wish to indulge in photography or video recording a lot, you will be filling up your storage faster than ever. This applies more if you opt for 4K video recording which requires a lot of storage space. In that case, avoid those phone models that have lower native storage, or do not have the provision to add more storage.

Check software customization

Maybe we can assume you have already made up your mind on the platform to go for after you have reached it thus far. However, apart from choosing between Android and iOS, you will do well to find out which of these offers the sort of customization that fits your lifestyle the most. It’s like if you wish to read books on your phone, find out which platform offers the best reading apps and such. In other words, just don’t limit yourself to the outer facade of each OS. Rather, dig in deep and see all the features they have to offer, and whether those suit you.

Check after-sales support

The importance of this won’t be felt until you run into some issues with your phone. Sure, your brand new phone developing a snag is the last thing you will have on your mind, but we have heard countless tales of how people have had a harrowing experience trying to get their phones serviced. And it would be sensible to avoid being the next victim. Hence, go for only those companies that have a reputed sales support team.

Check prices

Last but not the least, make sure the phone you are buying is worth the money you put down on it. Research various retailers and see which among them is offering the best deals. You might also try and time your purchases during major events or festivals as those are the times when retailers offer the maximum discounts.


The above should be a nice guide to help make your next smartphone purchase less of an ordeal and more of a fun experience. In the end, you should have the device that fits your requirement to a perfect T.

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