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Ten Effective SEO Link Building Methods 2021

Link building is a well-known SEO strategy that uses hyperlinks from other sites in your own site’s content. These hyperlinks allow your visitors to jump from one page to another with ease, improving search visibility. Whilst there are various ways to improve your link-building strategies, there are some really effective methods you can use to rapidly increase it.

  1. The Broken Link Building Method

This entails searching top websites in your industry or that meet your businesses audience to find dead pages. You should then recreate the broken content and contact the webmaster to replace the broken link with your own. Whilst this can be quite a time consuming if you don’t have the correct tools, it is a great way to build solid links.

  1. Turn Mentions into Backlinks

As one of the easiest ways to gain new backlinks to your site, you just need to get mentioned on another person website, social media or any online channel. You can convert these mentions into backlinks via the webmaster with ease. It is usually done via email.

  1. Write Testimonials

By offering to write testimonials for brands that you have previously done business with you will automatically get great quality backlinks. It requires a bit of effort to actually formulate the testimonial and ensure that it is a thoughtful and thorough piece. Other than that, it is a sure-fire way to gain great publicity and improve your SEO.

  1. Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is a highly effective way to gain more exposure and reach a varied audience. Guest bloggers usually have a large following, they might not all be compliant with your own target market, but any press is good press. By publishing these guest blog articles to your own and other popular websites, you will get some great backlinks to your site. This can also be a good way to market your business and increase your online reputation.

  1. Check out your competitors

It is quite easy to analyse the backlink profiles of competitors sites, from this information you can use the strategies they have created. This will allow you to tap into their market and increase your backlinks. The easiest links to replicate are guest post links, user-generated links and links from resource pages, but there are tons more that you can find out about after researching them.

  1. Consider the authority of the linking page

As a link is like a vote of confidence in the website it is being linked to, you must choose the most authoritative sites. These will allow you to remain credible in your field and for SEO to know that you are a reputable site too. So the more credible the site, the better value you will receive from the backlink.

  1. Outreach is key

By conducting effective outreach you can connect with many like-minded brands and businesses with ease. You should offer them something in return, in the form of a backlink or some kind of marketing opportunity to make the venture more lucrative. Usually, most businesses will be happy to help and increase their own backlinks anyway. The key with this is timing, when one of your partner brands is doing well or becoming more relevant you should then reach out to get your backlinks up.

  1. Claim business listings

This is a quick and simple way to establish yourself, and your business, online. Many public sites offer link building opportunities for businesses based just on that premise, sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Trip Advisor to name a few.

  1. Email Signatures

Email signatures offer an opportunity to promote and share your backlinks every time you send off an email. This is a great way to quickly increase your ability to gain some great backlink opportunities. You may also want to share your social media handles in your signature too.

  1. Host Virtual Events

This one may be a little harder to get right at first go, but with so many live events being cancelled, or just preferring to be online it could be a great way to boost your brand.  You could either host or partner with live virtual events to help increase your backlinks, whichever is more realistic for you.


The SEO link building methods above are some of the best ways to increase your visibility online. The main deciding factor of your ability to do this well is your SEO budget and reach in your market. If you have already developed yourself as a well-known business or brand, it will be easy to increase your backlinks. If not it will take a little bit more time, but it is definitely worth it in the end.

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