Home News Telecom operators assure Government to reduce call drops by mid October

Telecom operators assure Government to reduce call drops by mid October


Mumbai: The raging issue of call drops is likely to see an end within 45 days, as per the assurance given by leading telecom operators like Idea Cellular and others to the government.

The action, as per the sources, has been taken by the companies in reply to the call being made to them by Rakesh Garg on command of Communication Minister, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, to address the issue of call drops soon failing, which any legal action could be fired against them.

Rakesh Garg, Telecom Sec., explained that the owners of telecom companies have promised to resolve the issue soon, and the improvement brought about by them in call quality is now conspicuous.

Telecom companies will take necessary steps, even if they are not willing to expose their adopted measures.

Furthermore, Mr. Garg pointed towards executives’ acknowledging the fact of decreasing revenue due to this issue along with the problems being faced by consumers.

On request of Telecom companies, Mr. Prasad has also decided to sort out their problems regarding towers and spectrum as well. He ordered MCD to reduce tariff for tower installation.

Additionally, as per the communication minister, the government would also facilitate tower setting process.

Interestingly, Spectrum trading guidelines have also been approved by the cabinet that will address the issue of spectrum scarcity.

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An open house discussion, including the recommendations over call drops as well as the compensation for the users, has been proposed by TRAI to be held on 1st October of this year.

To end up the heating issue of call drops that even Narendra Modi, the PM of India, showed deep concern about, it is likely to come up with declaration that the call getting dropped within five seconds of calling would not be considered chargeable and the last pulse of the call that drops any time after initial five seconds would also be treated likewise.