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Technology accessories to make life easier

Technology surrounds us, there’s no doubt about that. However, it doesn’t have to be in the way and disorganized, especially now that size is on our side. Phones are slim and fit into our pockets comfortably. Laptops and tablets fit into our bags smoothly. Monitors and televisions are slim in profile and can be hung or mounted with ease and grace, to create a sleek and tidy workspace or entertainment area. Gone are the days of having a monitor that takes up an entire desk space. There are so many devices and accessories that can improve our usability of technology in the space around us. Whether you have just one monitor or a network of a few, you know the struggle of cords, stands and the space they can occupy, as well as the neck strain if they’re not at the right height for your position. Phones are a whole other story, they’re easy to carry and use and rest in a wide array of places but can cause their own litany of issues, should we let them. Let’s take a look through a few accessories that can make life a bit more comfortable:

  1. Monitor Mounts – Whether you have a standing or sitting desk, monitor mounts can give you space and flexibility where you had only stagnation and clutter before. Mounting these can free up space on your desk to write and so much more activities that get lost and put aside when there’s no space for them to be done and enjoyed. Mounting monitors also raises the level to reduce eye strain and strain on the neck, back and shoulders. The benefits are widely experienced with this improvement.
  2. Phone Wallet – Most have cases for their phones, but having a wallet style cover adds the additional benefits of having a built-in screen cover, and a stand on the backside when needed for watching videos, taking videos, or keeping it simply at a friendly angle to see the screen easily. Having a phone wallet also adds a bit more intentionality into using your phone, and can reduce the times of looking at it out of boredom, as it has to be opened for viewing and use, instead of just grabbing it and staring immediately and mindlessly.
  3. Portable Chargers – There are two types of people. Those that keep their phones charged up when at all possible, and those that absolutely live life on the edge … of 1% battery and go through life like nothing’s wrong. Having a portable charger handy, in your bag, desk, office or car can make life a little less stressful, especially when traveling or out and about for an extended amount of time. Remaining present where you are is always a good thing, but the occasional need to fetch a ride, or use the maps app, or phone a friend can arise. If you’re on 1% battery, that can be quite stressful and abruptly ended, not to mention dangerous in some situations. Having a portable charger to give your devices a boost can make the difference in the entire quality of your day, so it’s best to always be prepared with one, just in case.

There are endless accessories and items that make life easier, especially around the technology world, these covered here are a very small clip of them. Take a look around your home, office and life and ascertain what improvements could be made to make your life easier?

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