Teams Gets Presenter Upgrades, Enhanced Notifications in Microsoft 365 Update

Teams Gets Presenter Upgrades, Enhanced Notifications in Microsoft 365 Update

Microsoft Teams is receiving a range of new features designed to boost the meeting experience for presenters and attendees alike. These additions are part of the ongoing Microsoft 365 Roadmap, which outlines upcoming developments and improvements across the company’s productivity software suite.

Key Highlights

  • Enhanced Presenter Window: Presenters get more control over how their content and video feeds are displayed.
  • Centralized Meeting Notifications: Notifications now appear in the middle of the screen for increased visibility.
  • Teams Video Clips: Users can create and share video clips within Teams channels.
  • In-Person Event Invites in Outlook: Easier options to create invites for in-person events within the Outlook app.

Teams Gets Presenter Upgrades, Enhanced Notifications in Microsoft 365 Update

Improved Presenter Experience

One of the most significant changes arriving in Teams is the “Improved Presenter Window.” This enhanced interface will display up to four active meeting participants (with both audio and video) alongside a preview of the content being shared. This layout is intended to give presenters a clearer overview of audience engagement and reactions during the meeting.

Visibility and Convenience

In addition to the presenter upgrades, Microsoft Teams is repositioning meeting notifications to the center of the screen. This change aims to boost visibility and ensure that important alerts aren’t missed, which is especially important during presentations or screen shares.

Video Clips for Teams Channels

Users will soon have the ability to create and share video clips directly within Teams channels. This feature expands on the existing chat functionality and offers a new way to communicate ideas, provide updates, or share quick snippets of information asynchronously.

Outlook Updates for Event Planning

The latest Microsoft 365 roadmap also includes updates for Outlook. Event organizers will find it simpler to create invitations for in-person events directly within the Outlook app. This aims to streamline the event planning process and make managing hybrid (in-person and digital) meetings smoother.

More on the Improved Presenter Window

  • Customization: Discuss the potential for presenters to customize the layout of the Improved Presenter Window. Could they choose how many participants are featured, or rearrange the position of content and video feeds?
  • Control: Will presenters have the ability to select which participants are highlighted in the window? This would be valuable for directing attention during Q&A sessions or panel discussions.

Teams Video Clips

  • Formats: Explore the types of video formats supported for Teams video clips. Will users have the option to record directly within Teams, or will they primarily upload existing video files?
  • Length: Consider whether Microsoft will impose any length limits on Teams video clips.

In-Person Event Invites

  • Features: Delve deeper into specific features that will streamline in-person event invites in Outlook. Will organizers have options to include location details, maps, RSVP functions, or calendar integration?

The Future of Microsoft 365

  • AI Integration: Speculate on how Microsoft might further integrate artificial intelligence into Teams and Outlook. Could AI offer meeting summaries, smart scheduling suggestions, or automated task delegation?
  • Cross-Platform Functionality: Discuss the potential for more seamless integration between Microsoft 365 apps and other platforms or devices, particularly in the realm of hybrid work.

Additional Notes

In a separate update, Microsoft also revealed that the new Sticky Notes app in OneNote is slated for official release in April. Windows Sticky Notes users will be gradually migrated to the new OneNote-based version.

Looking Ahead

These Teams and Outlook enhancements reflect Microsoft’s commitment to improving collaboration and productivity experiences within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Users can expect continued feature releases and refinements aimed at making meetings, communication, and event organization more streamlined and effective.

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