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Tata Sky launches 4K HDR internet streaming service in India, offering a bouquet of international channels for free

Tata Sky today announced the launch of its new 4K HDR streaming service via its Binge+ 4K-enabled set-top box. Included in the package is the Travelxp channel which happens to be among the most well-known travel infotainment channel in the world. The channel will be available in 4K HDR resolutions and is going to be streamed online.

Tata Sky also said all of its Binge+ subscribers will be able to view the channel completely for free for the first year. Apart from this, there are going to be six more international channels that Tata Sky Binge+ subscribers would be getting for free for the first year. These channels include Luxe & Life, Pet & Pal, Wow, Be crazy, Health & Wellness, Sportyfy, and Outdoor Channel.

Such channels can be found grouped together in the Internet TV section under Guide. Further, the channels will also be itemized in the Home section as well. Once the user selects any of the channels, subscribers will be tuned into the service while the channels will start streaming via the internet.

On the whole, the service forms part of the larger 4K HDR service that itself comes under Guide and then under the Internet TV section. There is going to be an indication in the form of the 4K HDR icon shown in the program information screen as well as the information bar to let users know they are viewing 4K content.

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