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Tata’s four-wheelers to include Samsung’s infotainment system

We are so obsessed with our smartphone like myriad others, and the only moment we dump it is while driving. We just hate it to the core! Chill folks, now you will not be distanced from your phone even while driving.

To address this mutual interest world’s leading smartphone manufacturer Samsung and India’s respected business conglomerate TATA Motors came together.

According to the agreement, the South Korean electronics company will help TATA cars to come preloaded with its infotainment system. The system would effectively employ Drive Link application on MirrorLink technology.

Infotainment is a combo word adding two words together- information and entertainment, to make their drive safe and pleasant at the same time.

The application can be easily downloaded and installed on Android based phones, the mobile when connected with a cable to the car’s infotainment system will link up the smart cell to the steering mounted controls.

Thereby answering the calls, sending messages, selecting an address from the calendar, and navigating on unknown route turns seamlessly easy task.

In addition, all this without getting your eyes off the windshield. The app developers have taken into consideration all the safety guidelines prescribed by the automotive industry during its designing stage. Hence, be assured about protection.

Such an integration of the phone and its application with the car’s infotainment system was not available previously but thanks to the MirrorLink technology a driver can access its cell via steering is now a reality.

TATA motors plans such an advanced infotainment feature as a standard feature on its high-end vehicles and will later extend to all its cars.

Speaking to the PTI, Tata Motors Passengers Vehicles Unit President, Ranjit Yadav said, “This is in our line of philosophy to offer new features to our customers to create differentiated products features that are relevant to the present and scalable for the future,”

At the first instance it appears that, the unveiling of the Infotainment system has brought in fruition to the six-month long hard work of both the companies.