Target Corporation going global with new international website

Target Corporation is going global and has partnered Bordfree as it spreads its wings internationally. Target has unveiled a new international version of its website, which will now cater to millions of customers across 200 countries. Target’s partner, Bordfree is a well-known entity and helps businesses sell their wares internationally and also accepts payments in 60 foreign currencies. The partnership will be particularly beneficial for US consumers who want to send purchases to friends and family abroad.

Target Corporation is based in Minneapolis and has 1,805 stores along with its website where it caters to its customers. Target is into philanthropy business also and gives 5% of its profits to communities.

Target has been a late entrant into the international business since e-commerce allowed business to cross borders a long time ago.

According to its latest reported quarter, out of Amazon’s $25.4 billion turnovers, international sales accounted for over $8 Billion. Target will have to work hard to earn a share in this highly competitive sector. president Jason Goldberger said that international customers will love shopping brands at Target since it is synonymous with great prices and select products.

Target has virtually no footprints overseas and, therefore, plans to use its partnership to get a foothold in the new markets. Target is moving with a game plan, and the revamped site is now selling iPhones from Apple.

The timing of the launch is also perfect as retailers are pulling out all the plugs to entice consumers to buy products. The going has not been smooth for Target in the US with other retail outlets like Big Buy, and Walmart are giving stiff competition. The going internationally will also not be smooth, and Target will have to make a huge effort to dislodge well dug in rivals.

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