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TapTap App is a new craze among online gamers during this pandemic

TapTap is a free app store that enables you to download game applications directly to your Android phone. TapTap has a substantial developer and gaming community that makes the program safe to use. Due to TapTap’s developer community, numerous versions of the same game, such as TapTap PUBG, are available.

APKPure, Google Play Store, and QooApp are all alternatives to TapTap APK for downloading games to your Android phone. APKPure, TapTap, and QooApp are all applications that provide material for the ACG (Animation, Comics, and Games) community.

Let’s dive into specifics about the TapTap app and its potential competitor.


TapTap has a simple and interactive leaderboard that allows users to keep track of their progress. TapTap, as a 24-hour leaderboard, updated at regular intervals.

To be accurate, TapTap offers a diverse selection of games. It hosts a range of competitions devoted to online gaming. The leaderboard is organized by the players’ performance in various competitions. Additionally, the tournament format is divided into the standard, turbo, and freeze-out rounds, which lends a sense of pragmatism. It’s worth noting that the TapTap leaderboard is task-based. To climb the leaderboard, you must win tournaments. The best players have a greater possibility of winning cash prizes.

GetMega, on the other hand, offers 24×7 leaderboards for Card & Casual Games such as Poker, Rummy, Carrom, and GoPool. The leaderboards are task and victory-based, which means that you may climb the leaderboard by winning or merely playing. Hourly (called flash leaderboards), daily, weekly, and monthly leaderboards are available.

UI Interface

The TapTap’s user interface is quite remarkable, with a clutter-free design. In a nutshell, the UI is rather basic and devoid of unnecessary complexity. The colour scheme utilized in the UI is effective and helps players to focus on the game properly.

The user interface is not as distracting as it is on the majority of gaming platforms. Even after downloading the program, whether, on an Android or an iOS device, the UI would function flawlessly.  However, it does not allow horizontal screen orientation.

On the other hand, GetMega’s user interface and experience are simple and intuitive. GetMega offers both horizontal and vertical gaming experiences, depending on the game. For instance, whereas Poker, Carrom, and Warship all have vertical gameplay, GoPool and Rummy feature horizontal gaming. GetMega’s design is simple and straightforward, making it simple for users to engage with the games and earn money.

Game Play

To be exact, TapTap’s gameplay has been created to maximize player delight. Due to TapTap’s innovative user interface, you will have no difficulty engaging with numerous game aspects.

What’s more amazing is TapTap’s use of vibrant colours to emphasize critical points and guidelines. This makes it simple for the players to maintain their concentration.

Whereas GetMega’s gameplay has been optimized for maximum amusement and pleasure. The gameplay is either horizontal or vertical, depending on the game. The game’s parts are shown ideally, which allows you to concentrate entirely on the game. The use of bold colours makes it simple to recognize and utilize the important features.

The Number Of Players

TapTap, on the other hand, enrols only genuine players. What distinguishes this platform from others is its complete enrollment procedure. Apart from PAN verification, you must also validate a government-issued ID. In a nutshell, it’s an excellent platform where genuine gamers may engage and compete for thrilling cash rewards.

On the contrary, GetMega only accepts verified players who provide a mobile phone number and a Facebook profile. These players’ identities may be established by their Facebook photographs.

GetMega accepts only genuine gamers and does not allow bots. GetMega currently has over 5,000,000 registered users, 50,000 monthly active users, and 10,000 daily active users.

Real Players

TapTap has exploded in popularity, and not only for its dynamic platform and enticing incentives. It is gaining popularity since it assures that only genuine participants are enrolled. You must register using a government-issued identification card. Additionally, since cash prizes are involved, participants must register using their PAN cards.

Whereas GetMega accepts only verified accounts and offers only legal, skill-based games, not games of chance or luck. GetMega is an RNG-certified company and an AIGF member (All India Gaming Federation).

Security and Safety

TapTap utilizes a cryptographically safe random number generator, which ensures that gamers get an untainted gameplay experience. Additionally, a great number of gamers have given positive feedback about TapTap’s security.

GetMega, on the other hand, is completely secure and certified. It is a member of the All India Gaming Federation and has developed a platform that places a premium on safety and security. Our Random Number Generator and shuffle mechanisms have been validated by iTech Labs in Australia, assuring the most secure gaming possible.

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