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Take an Online Gaming Trip back in Time

There’s that old saying that nostalgia isn’t what it used to be – but anyone who grew up with the early video games will certainly feel a tug on their heartstrings given the chance to play them again today.

Luckily, there are lots of games still out there and waiting to be played online, and even on your smartphone or tablet. So let’s take a look at five games that will either stir up all those memories from back in the day or even introduce you to some classics you’ve never played before.

Club Penguin

If you’ve ever wanted to experience life as a penguin living in the Antarctic, then this is the game for you. First launched back in 2004, it was a sort of Sims for the flightless in which you could play games to raise money to decorate your igloo. As you moved up the property ladder you could also buy bigger and bigger igloos where you could hold parties for penguin friends and family. You could even invite your “Puffle pets” along too.

RollerCoaster Tycoon

You can build a very different type of world in this game that was originally launched in 1999 but is available to play today on Steam and even through a dedicated app. You’re the owner of a theme park and the objective is to make it a success by designing the sorts of rides and other entertainments that will bring in the visitors. The very first version of the game was fairly basic but the one that you can play today is more than complex enough to keep you amused for hours.

Fire Joker

Many of today’s online slots games are incredibly involved. So it’s good to find a mobile online casino that still offers good old back-to-basics games like this. It features all the familiar symbols including plums, cherries, and lemons and the gameplay is distinctly old-school. This means that it’s a perfect match for mobile play and, best of all, this is a game that could actually pay you to play it.


When it comes to classic arcade games, they don’t come more classic than Pac-Man. It’s also the oldest in this selection, having been originally launched in 1980. It’s also a game that has seen some controversy in its time with the holder of the high score world record, Billy Mitchell, having had his achievement discounted in 2018, and then reinstated in June 2020, by Guinness World Records.


Last, but not least, there’s the game that launched many imitators, and even was the inspiration for a whole episode of Seinfeld. It’s still as much fun today as it ever was to try to get that frog across the busy highway without being splatted and into its safe, aquatic habitat.

So, we hope that taking a trip down memory lane with any or all of these games will be a great experience. And, just maybe, you’ll find your skills have got even better over time!

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