Tagg Verve Plus Smartwatch Review

In this post-pandemic world, there is a lot of emphasis being put on wellbeing. As a result, the use of fitness-related wearables has increased, giving an uptrend for fitness trackers and smartwatches sales.

Tagg, the brand best known for its Bluetooth speakers, has now forayed into the wearables space. The brand launched a handful of smartwatches after seeing the uptick in this segment. We have been using the Tagg Verve Plus smartwatch for a while now, and for the price, this watch promises a lot.

Should you invest in a smartwatch from Tagg and especially the Verve Plus? Let us find out in the full review.

Key Specifications

  • Display – 1.69-inch LCD
  • 16 tracking modes
  • 24/7 Heart rate sensor
  • SpO2 monitoring
  • Bluetooth 5.0
  • IP68 rating
  • Up to 10 days battery life

Box Contents

A complete list of items you get inside the box:Tagg Verve Plus Smartwatch Review 7

  • Tagg Verve Plus Smartwatch
  • Charging Cradle
  • User instruction manual

Design & Display

Tagg Verve Plus Smartwatch Review 8The watch gets a squared-out design, something that is getting quite common on the budget smartwatch segment. These watches are aimed at the aspirational buyer looking at Apple Watches, hence the similar look. The watch has a shell carved out of high-quality polycarbonate material with silicon straps.

Tagg Verve Plus Smartwatch Review 4You get a rather sizeable 1.69-inch LCD on this unit, making it a slightly large watch. There is a 2.5D surface that contours on the edges. The display used here gets plenty bright and has a peak brightness of 500 nits, the best in this price segment. Colors look equally well on the LCD panel.

Tagg Verve Plus Smartwatch Review 5The watch gets a single button on the right side, used to wake the display and navigate the menu. Flipping the look reveals the sensor suite and the dual pogo-pins used to charge the watch. Verve Plus uses quick-release straps, and higher-quality ones can very easily replace the supplied bands.

Software & Performance

Like most budget smartwatches these days, the Tagg Verve Plus also runs on an RTOS build.  Real-time OS (RTOS) is a stripped-down version of a standard OS, designed for low-powered devices and is suitable for mundane tasks.

Tagg Verve Plus Smartwatch Review 9Though Tagg has supplied a bunch of nifty features and apps in the watch, the brand has only added 16 workout modes. This can be off-putting for buyers looking at this watch purely as a workout companion. However, the setup for the Verve Plus proved to be easy; there is only one app that needs to be downloaded from the Playstore/App store. The Tagg Plus app unlocks a host of features that are either buried deep in the menu on the watch or haven’t been added there.

Tagg Verve Plus Smartwatch Review 2The app tracks all the relevant metrics ranging from HR monitoring to sleep tracking, SpO2 monitoring to body temperature (yes, there is a body temperature sensor here), Menstrual cycle tracking, and more. The app lets you access historical data related to workout modes, sleep tracking, HR reading, and more, along with the ability to set alarms, sedentary notifications.

During our tests, we found the sleep and heart rate tracking and other metrics quite accurate. The watch registered the rest quite well and even detected irregular sleep patterns with ease. The battery life on RTOS-powered smartwatches has always been good so far on all the watches we have tested lately, and the Verve Plus follows the same trend. The brand advertises up to 10 days of continuous use with the 180mAh battery. With every possible feature turned on in our tests, the smartwatch dropped to about 25% within six days of use. It took us a little over 90 minutes to top up the watch using the supplied magnetic charger.