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Why do people use VPNs?

If you have ever worked in a corporate job, you might already be acquainted with a VPN. Typically, a company's VPN allows you to...

Does your Tablet PC need a VPN?

Security and privacy online is a hot topic. While most of us actively seek to secure the desktop and laptop devices we use –...
Hotspot Shield VPN

Be Safe on the Internet with Hotspot Shield VPN for Smartphone and PC

You need a VPN every time you are on the internet, especially when your device is connected to a strange network. Not using a...
best Android VPN apps

Best Android VPN Apps you can use to secure your smartphone

The online world is full of unknown threats which can not only able to harm your smartphone but also able to steal your privacy....
Opera vpn

How to use VPN mode in Opera web browser (Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS)

Opera has announced that it'll be providing a free unlimited VPN (Virtual Private Network) service that's integrated with the browser. This means that you...
Best VPN Apps

Ten best VPN apps for Smartphone and Tablets running Android, iOS and Windows

VPNs are awesome tools that can be used for a variety of awesome purposes. They can be used to secure your Internet traffic from...
Top 5 Best VPN Apps for Android Devices

Five Best VPN Apps for Android Smartphones and Tablets

Who doesn’t need privacy and security these days or maybe a proxy location to access content from that location? For such people, VPN apps...