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USB Drive : Sandisk Pen-drive

How to test USB Flash Drive Read and Write Speeds

Every flash drive manufacturer claims a particular read and write speed of their flash drive, but that specific read and write speed can be...
USB Drive

How to enable or disable USB Ports on your Windows Laptop or Desktop

In this article, we are going to talk about how you can enable or disable USB ports on your Windows laptop or desktop as...

How to Auto-sync Folders from PC to USB Drive

At times when you start editing a document, and suddenly your laptop or PC goes off mid-way! Sounds scary, huh. There is a lot...
usb drive

Hide Data on USB Flash drives, Make It Unreadable

USB drives are useful for carrying data, but if you are carrying some private or top secret data then you need to keep it...

How to Recover Dead Space on Flash drives

One of the most common uses of the flash drive is making it bootable with any of the OS like Windows or Linux. During...

Connect USB Flash Drive to Android Phone, Do Data Transfer

Connecting a USB flash drive to a smartphone was unimaginable once, but now, almost every smartphone has the USB On-The-Go (OTG) functionality. You can...
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How to use USB Drive as RAM on Windows PC

While working on software like Photoshop or playing games, the computer starts to respond slowly and sometimes lags, if you have low RAM on...

How much Power USB Flash Drive Consumes

USB flash drives consume power from the PC, laptop, and tablets. I often left my flash drive connected to my Windows tablet but after letting...

Why Flash Drives are of 2, 4, 8 GB not 1, 3, 7 GB

Why are flash drives of 2, 4, 8 GB and not 1, 3, 7 GB? This question hit my mind when I first get...

How to access your Flash Drive and SD card Wirelessly

Are you still using the same old-fashioned method to connect your USB hard drive to a device for sharing the data? Are you syncing...

What is the Difference between Flash drive and USB Portable Hard Drive

If you are planning to buy a storage device and confused between the flash drive and portable hard drive? There are certain points which...