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China launches high-resolution SAR imaging satellite ‘Gaofen-3’

China launched a hi- resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite, Gaofen-3. The satellite was carried into space by the workhorse of the Chinese Space Agency,...
SJ-10 Satellite

China successfully launches SJ-10, a retrievable scientific research satellite (+Video)

In combined efforts, China and Europe have set up mission that attempts to help geologists find more oil on earth. The duo will be...

NISAR: NASA-ISRO to launch satellite to study earthquakes and climate change

Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO) and its U.S. equivalent, NASA, have come together to develop a satellite that will be dedicated to the...
SpaceX's ORBCOMM-2 Mission

SpaceX’s ORBCOMM-2 Mission successful, made landing upright on solid ground [+Video]

SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rocket first stage made a successful landing upright on solid ground at Cape Canaveral Florida. It was a culmination of efforts...
ISRO to launch PSLV rockets lifting 6 foreign satellites

ISRO to launch PSLV-C29 rocket for lifting 6 Singapore satellites today

Indian Space and Research organization (ISRO) will launch six Singapore satellites using its workhorse, PSLV rocket today. The satellites will help gather information on...
China launches Long March rocket lifting ChinaSat 2C communication satellite

ChinaSat 2C: A Civil Communication Satellite launched into space by China

China has launched a new communication satellite (ChinaSat 2C) carried aboard the Long March 3B rocket. The rocket blasted off from Xichang Space Center...

ASTROSAT spots the Crab Nebula using CZTI, LAXPC and SXT technology

India had launched its first space observatory satellite, ASTROSAT on September 28 and became a member of a small group of space-faring nations to...
NASA Miniature Satellite CubeSat

NASA confirms successful orbiting of OCSD nanosatellite CubeSat

A nano-satellite nicknamed CubeSat that weighs just five pounds with a body dimension of 4 x 4 x 6.7 inches has just become the...
Black Hole

Indian origin astronomer led group dicovers Black Hole 5,000 times vast than our Sun

Some evidence for a new intermediate-mass black hole was discovered by an Indo-American-led team of astronomers from the University of Maryland (UMD) and NASA’s...

Japanese researchers reveals how Saturn’s F Ring and Satellites were formed

Japanese researchers claim that the F rings on Saturn, and the surrounding satellites are the end products of a natural formation of the planet's...
High Sierra

NASA satellite data disclose plants use less water than previously assumed

Scientists new research reveals that plants use up less water than previously thought. Moreover, the researchers have figured out that freshwater travels through the...
NASA EPIC satellite

NASA EPIC satellite captures rare images of dark side of the moon

NASA had released an animation of the other side of the moon as it transits the Earth on Wednesday. It is rare episode especially...