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Scientist Warns On Persistent Global Warming

About a third of the population worldwide is already suffering the effects of deadly levels of heat. The new study has confirmed that the...
global warming

Global warming is already affecting nearly all life on Earth

Much of life on Earth is being replaced by the warming climate, and this notwithstanding the fact that global temperature has increased by 1...

US agency NSID reveals Arctic Sea Ice Cover touches 2nd-lowest point on record

According to the reports of U.S. National Snow and Ice Data Center in Colorado, the Arctic Sea Ice reached its the second lowest point on...
soil can control global warming

Earth soil can control Global Warming and Climate Change by locking Greenhouse gases: Study

A study recently published in the Journal Nature details how improved soil management could help combat the effects of global warming. According to the...
World Bank Climate Action Plan

World Bank announces massive funds for developing countries to fight Climate Change

Following the Paris Climate Agreement, the World Bank has expressed interest in helping the developing countries reduce the effects of climate change. It will...

NISAR: NASA-ISRO to launch satellite to study earthquakes and climate change

Indian Space and Research Organization (ISRO) and its U.S. equivalent, NASA, have come together to develop a satellite that will be dedicated to the...
climate change

2015 will be recalled as a watershed year for climate change: Experts

The Paris Climate has been hailed as a landmark agreement. However, it can be safely said that it has not saved the planet yet,...
Mount Everest

Glaciers in Mount Everest at high risk, shrunk by 28% in last 40 years

As per a Chinese research, Mount Everest is getting hotter with surrounding glaciers shrinking significantly. The latter has resulted in bigger glacial lakes as...
India to reduce greenhouse gas

India to diminish greenhouse gas emission up to 35% by 2030, says Javadekar in...

India is committed to cutting down emission of greenhouse gases by up to 35% by 2030. Central Minister of State for Environment, Forest and...
Global Warming could cause fall in oxygen

Global warming might affect Oxygen level to cause mass mortality on Earth, says research

A terrifying new research has discovered that global warming could stop the tiny phytoplankton from carrying out the process of photosynthesis that will result...
children at risk from climate change and global warming

690 million children at risk from climate change and global warming, says UNICEF

The World Climate Conference, which is scheduled to take place in Paris, has acquired a greater urgency to chalk out some drastic measure to...