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WhatsApp Web

After Facebook, Twitter China now bans WhatsApp

China has a long history of blocking popular sites including social networks and Western-owned websites. And to carry this tradition, the Chinese government has now...
China Mars

China to launch its ambitious Mars mission by 2020

Well, it seems that the race to reach Mars has become intensified. Many top space agencies are now gearing up to land themselves on...
Facebook Ad blockers

Facebook launches photo sharing app Colorful Balloons in China

Social Networking platform Facebook has silently launched a new photo-sharing app named as "Colorful Balloon" in China. This app is a mirror image of...
China Teleport

Chinese scientists successfully teleported physical particle to a Space Satellite from Earth

Chinese researchers have successfully teleported a photon from the Gobi desert to a satellite that is orbiting five hundred kilometers above the earth. This phenomenal...

China To Explore Four More Studies Into Space Before 2021

China is focusing more in the space mission. The country has introduced the prime X-ray space telescope that is intended to monitor pulsars, black...

China’s Quantum Satellite In Big Leap

The word "spy satellite" seem to have acquired a new meaning after the successful test of the Chinese novel aircraft.  The mission, if well...
" China constructing world's highest altitude telescopes in Tibet"

China building world’s highest altitude telescope to detect gravitational waves

China will be setting a gravitational wave telescope in Tibet, close to the LAC with India. The telescope which is being developed at the...

China launches high-resolution SAR imaging satellite ‘Gaofen-3’

China launched a hi- resolution Synthetic Aperture Radar Satellite, Gaofen-3. The satellite was carried into space by the workhorse of the Chinese Space Agency,...
China to build its own sation similiar to ISS

China to build its own space station similar to ISS by 2022

China is developing its space station which would replace the ISS program in the future. At the beginning of 2018, China will do the...

Chinese tech giant LeEco plans US entry in three months

LeEco has become quite a sensation in China with their online contents, devices, and applications. After entering the Indian subcontinent right in the beginning...

Twitter boasts over 10 million Chinese users despite web censorship

Micro-blogging website Twitter has estimated in a media report that it has nearly 10 million Chinese users. The U.S .firm which has been banned...
China builts world largest telescope

World’s largest Alien-hunting telescope successfully built by China

China for sure does not like competition, so to keep it ahead of the game as it has built the world’s biggest radio telescope...

Samsung Galaxy C7 with 5.7-inch display and 4GB RAM launched in China

Samsung launched its Galaxy C7 in China today, which looks promising and is almost like the elder sibling of the Galaxy C5. Greeting the...
Meizu M3 Note

Meizu m3 Note with mTouch 2.1 fingerprint sensor, Helio P10 chipset launched

Meizu M3 Note has been unveiled in China with 6000 series aluminium unibody and mTouch 2.1 fingerprint scanner starting at CNY 799 and will...
Meizu MX5E

Meizu MX5E debuts in China with Full HD display, 16MP camera at ¥1399

Meizu MX5E debuts in China with a price tag of 1,399 Yuan ($216), which is lower than Meizu MX5 released recently. Reportedly named after...