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Vulnerability Exposes Risk of Email Hacking

Alert for Android TV Users: Vulnerability Exposes Risk of Email Hacking

Protect your Android TV from potential email hacks by updating to the latest security patches and staying informed on vulnerabilities like CVE-2024-0031.
Google Updates Android TV Privacy

Google Updates Android TV Privacy Settings: Limiting Account Access for Enhanced User Security

Discover the latest privacy updates on Android TV. Google enhances user security by restricting account access. Full details on changes and impacts for users.

Fastway+ Ultra 4K Android TV Box Review – An All-In-One Package for all your...

The next significant market where people are making large investments is TV, which comes after smartphones. While Smart TVs are progressively gaining control, the...

Thomson launches new range of competitively priced 4K TVs in India

French television-maker Thomson has launched its new range of 4K Android smartTvs in India. These new smartTVs from Thomson are offered in a choice...

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