Tablet use could help treat dementia patients

Dementia is a degenerative disease which leads to progressive loss of memory and could be caused by advancing age, illness or drugs. Tablet devices with applications have been found useful in relaxing agitated dementia patients. Use of tablets is safe and efficient in managing agitation and other symptoms in Dementia patients.

Severe dementia often leads to aggressive behavior by the patients and is more seen in older adults. Drugs which include many psychotropic drugs are the conventional route which is used to treat such symptoms. However, Tablets is a non-intrusive but efficient way to take care of agitation in older adults.

Ipsit Vahia affiliated to McLean Hospital in the US, who led the study says that the first tentative steps towards developing data on the correct way to use technology have been taken and tablets and other devices will be an integral part of this venture.

There are volumes of research on how art, music and other such therapies can bring a substantial change in managing symptoms of dementia without any medication. These treatments can be easily carried out with the aid of tablets, and in the process, the inherent flexibility of the computer can be used to maximum advantage.

The use of a tablet will offer flexibility to switch from one application to another to suit the individual according to his tastes and temperament. One more benefit which can be accrued with a tablet is that the reviewer can get instant results, and he could change or amend the process to best suit the individual.

More than 70 applications are available on tablets for study. The applications can be as simple as a display of pictures of kittens and puppies to complicated Sudoku puzzles. The study revealed that Tablets were safe for every patient regardless of what grade of dementia he is suffering. The compliance rate was also found to be 100%, something which cannot be expected from any therapy.