Syska Group, a household name in the FMEG segment today announced a launch of yet another lighting solution in the country in the form of the Syska Quartet. The company explained this is in reality a 4 in 1 LEB bulb capable of emitting four different colours.

The LED bulb is rated at 12W and 1200 lumens which, as the company described, makes it perfect for use in living rooms, kitchens, study room, office space, or just about anywhere you’d like to add some zing. Changing the light is as easy as just turning the light off and then turning it on again, it will be showing a different shade of light each time.

For instance, there is the White, Magenta and Blue colour options. Each colour in turn have four modes to choose from and can be invoked to suit your mood or the setting in your room. Another cool aspect of the bulbs is that those come with a B22 base, which makes it compliant with the standard bulb holders already in use in the majority of households in India.

What’s more, the Syska Quartet bulbs come for just INR 350, making it an affordable alternative to the usually pricey smart bulbs. However, while smart bulbs offer the convenience of controlling the bulbs via your smartphone, you have to switch off and on the Syska Quartet bulbs each time you need to change the mode.

The company also said each of the bulbs come with a waranty coverage of one year.