Syska HT4000K Aqua Pro Grooming kit Review 8 Syska HT4000K Aqua Pro Grooming kit Review 8

Syska HT4000K Aqua Pro Grooming kit Review

Syska, the homegrown lifestyle & lighting brand has launched a styling kit trimmer in India. The product in question is their HT4000k Grooming Kit for men that bring a lot at a very tight budget. Having said that, let’s have a look at the trimmer itself, its features and see if it’s worth buying in our full review.

Syska HT4000K Grooming Kit – What’s in the box

Syska HT4000K Aqua Pro Grooming kit Review 1

  • Syska Trimmer
  • Combs
  • Body Groomer
  • Nose Hair Trimmer
  • Charging Cable
  • Documentation & Warranty Guide

Looks & Design

The trimmer sports a minimalistic and generic design that we have been seeing in the market. You get changeable blades as part of the Grooming Kit with various use cases like the Body Groomer and Nose Hair Trimmer.

Syska HT4000K Aqua Pro Grooming kit Review 8

The sides of the trimmer are contoured for a better grip. Syska also slapped a chunky power button on in the center. As with most trimmers in this price category, you get the choice of using the trimmer cordless or with the cord providing the power. The charging port is on the bottom with the custom two-pin charging.

Syska HT4000K Aqua Pro Grooming kit Review 6

The trimmer and the blades are water-resistant but there is no official IP rating mentioned either on the package or the documentation included. Since this kit belongs to Syska’s Aqua Series of trimmers we are hopeful that this particular product will survive occasional water splashes.

Performance & Efficiency

Coming to the main aspect, the trimmer here has 9 settings which can be adjusted in .5mm precision steps. You can select between any length ranging from 0.5mm all the way to 15mm using the button on the front. The supplied sets of combs add up to the functionality as well.

We didn’t really face any issues while using the trimmer, even after persistent usage. And while the blades aren’t heavy-duty, they offer a perfect balance between accuracy and performance. Nonetheless, they are detachable and can be replaced depending on the various use cases as mentioned above. Note that the trimmer gets slightly warm after prolonged usage and while it isn’t uncomfortable, it’s something you should keep in mind.

Syska HT4000K Aqua Pro Grooming kit Review 4

Also, worth mentioning, there’s a small yet essential feature dubbed as a travel lock that can be activated by pressing and holding the power button for three seconds. When turned on, it’ll save your trimmer’s battery while traveling.

Battery Life & Charging

The trimmer uses a proprietary two-pin connector like most other trimmers out there in the market. It takes around 1 ½ hour to juice up entirely while a mere 5 mins of charge yields 10 minutes of usage.

Syska HT4000K Aqua Pro Grooming kit Review 7

Once charged fully, the trimmer lasts for about 60 minutes and can be used multiple times without the need for rushing for the charger. Thankfully, it can also be used while being plugged which is an added convenience.

Verdict- Should you buy it?

For a price of INR 1,699 depending on the platform you choose, the HT4000K Grooming Kit offers a lot for that dough. It carries all the perks you’ll need in a trimmer including industrial design, compelling battery life, corded/cordless usage, splash proofing, and travel lock.

Syska HT4000K Aqua Pro Grooming kit Review 3

If you’re someone looking for a new trimmer or a complete grooming kit at a tight budget, we’d strongly recommend picking up the Syska HT4000K Grooming Kit.