Syska Smart Mini Plug 10A Syska Smart Mini Plug 10A

Syska Group launches two Wi-Fi enabled 10A and 16A smart plugs priced INR 2,599 and INR 4,190 respectively

Syska Group, one of the leading players in the FMCG segment has announced the launch of the its new Smart Wi-Fi Plug – the Power Meter 16A and Smart Mini Plug 10A in India. The new smart plugs take forward the company’s push in the smart home segment where we have already seen quite a few smart devices being launched in the recent past.

The two news plugs are designed for domestic usage with the Smart Mini Plug 10A suitable for small home appliances such as the toaster, coffee brewing machine, lights and so on. The Power Meter 16A, on the other hand is designed to deal with larger home appliances such as the TV, air conditioner, microwave, washing machine, refrigerator and such.

Apart from the differences in the power rating, both the plugs are however common in almost every other aspect. For instance, both are compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. That means, you can control devices connected through the Syska smart plugs using voice commands.


That includes turning on or off the device remotely or set timers and schedules for the device to run, all by voice commands itself. You can also allocate different rooms such as the kitchen or bedroom and such to be operated via voice commands.

Apart from the ability to remotely control the devices connected via the smart plug, you can also keep a tab on the amount of energy consumed by the devices using the Syska Smart Home app that comes with the smart plugs. The plugs are also designed to detect if the device connected though it is overheating and hence prevent the device from getting damages.

What’s more, there is a child safety shutter as well which ensures your child will never ever be exposed to an electric power outlet, thus ensuring complete peace of mind if you have a toddler at home. The plugs can also be used to set schedules depending on external conditions such as if its sunset or sunrise time, or even if it is raining outside.

The Power Meter and Smart Mini Plug also feature the universal plug-in type, which makes it compatible with just about any plug types used anywhere in the world. This way, you can carry the plug anywhere you go without having to worry about compatibility issues. You also can connect seamlessly to the existing Wi-Fi network without requiring any hub for the same.

Coming to its price, that again can be considered the best part of it all considering that those have been priced really affordably to allow for mass adoption. The Smart Mini Plug 10A is priced just INR 2,599 while the Power Meter 16A will set you back INR. 4,190. The two plugs can be purchased from both online and offline stores all across India.