Syska BT670 boombox is a lightweight, portable wireless speaker which carries of INR 2699. The device comes packed with features such as hands-free calling, Bluetooth connectivity, FM Radio, as well as a MicroSD slot. We recently received the portable speaker for a review, and here are my thoughts about the device after using it for a week.


syska boom box 1The speaker sports a rectangular form factor that seems reasonably well built and durable for the price.  The controls are located at the top of the speaker. They include the power, – (minus), play, + (plus) and Bluetooth buttons. The + and – buttons are used for adjusting the volume. The play button is a multi-function button that can be used to pause/resume playback, accept/reject/end calls as well as putting the current call on hold while accepting another call. Additionally, the play button can also be used to switch a call between the speaker and the mobile device. On the back are the auxiliary and micro USB charging ports.

This speaker is quite hefty so it feels very solid. It has a soft matte texture feels kind of soft which offers a good for grip & doesn’t easily take fingerprints. Buttons are a tad tough to press but look good & feel pretty good.

Pairing and Performance

Pairing the speaker with my iPhone 7 was a breeze. Shortly after turning the speaker on, it appeared on my phone. A couple of seconds after I tapped the name, the pairing was successful, confirmed by tone. The Bluetooth range was amazing.

In terms of sound quality, I was rather impressed by given the speaker’s compact form factor. While it may not rock the house, it goes much louder than you’d expect. At maximum volume, it easily filled my room with ample sound. I was also surprised by the bass output of such a small speaker. The whole speaker seems to ooze bass, especially when you put it near a wall or in a corner, it can fill the room with it.  As a nightstand music box, a working desk speaker, and a travel movie watching speaker, this thing is just perfect.

Even phone calls were clear for both incoming and outgoing calls. Battery life’s solid too. Once fully charged, I was able to use the speaker for 7 hours at a stretch.

Wrap Up

syska boom box 2This is a perfect accessory for hanging out with friends. I easily packed it in my bag for a weekend trip to Mussorie and it was the best part of our day at Dolores Park. Setting it up on anyone’s phone is really simple and the sound quality is fantastic. I’d definitely suggest this for anyone looking for a simple setup, great sound quality, and easy portability.