Symantec suggests 7 security resolutions you should make in 2015

As the world is shifting to the cloud, security has become a major concern for both the users and companies. For convenience and necessity, users use various web-based applications on their smartphones and tablet devices. More often than not, these devices hold sensitive data and requires an extra layer of security.

However, with the rise of internet-connected devices, cyber attacks are also growing. To be secure from the growing number of security attacks on personal and work device, security company Symantec has published a list of suggestions that it thinks will help users secure their device.

For the convenience of users, the list of suggestions that Symantec has posted is posted below.

1. Don’t leave device unattended

Smartphones or tablet devices shouldn’t be left unattended in public places. Even in office or workspace environment, leaving these devices unattended can be dangerous and harmful.

2. Protect with a password

Although the most popular way to unlock the device is with a swipe, a password adds a quick layer of security and is a good practice to use to secure the device from unwanted use by others.

3. Install anti-malware apps

Most people do not install anti-malware apps on their smartphone. But viruses or malware can come from anywhere. Downloaded a file from untrusted source onto your SD card can bring malicious programs to your device’s storage, which can potentially risk your device being exploited. So it’s a good practice to install an anti-malware application.

4. Backup the Data

Sometimes all else will fail and you will fall victim to a robbery or theft. In cases like that, you would wish that you had your data backed up to the cloud. Most online services today offer automatic backup to the cloud. Installing cloud services like Dropbox or Google Drive can also be a good way to make sure that the local data on your device is also being backed up on the cloud.

If you don’t trust the cloud that much, you should make it a habit to constantly back up the data to your computer.

5. Check app reviews before downloading

Applications shouldn’t be downloaded from untrusted sources. It can exploit your device to all kinds of security risks. In addition to that, before downloading new apps, you should check the review and see how many users it has. Sometimes new apps containing malicious programs get posted on the official application store causing thousands of devices to fall victim to it.

6. Control your WiFi and Bluetooth

Some devices are set to automatically connect to WiFi networks that are open. It poses a great security risk as you never know when your phone automatically connects to an untrusted source and users from another end starts downloading malicious programs on your device. So it’s generally a good idea to control when and what WiFi and Bluetooth connections your device connects to.

Symantec believes that by practicing these security measures, users will be able to keep their devices secure from unauthorized use, cyber criminals and malicious programs.