Swipe Technologies sends out media invites for the next Elite smartphone launch on June 2

Known for launching their own Android-based OS, the Elite brand phone and the first Kids smartphone (Swipe Junior) in India, Swipe Technologies has announced another device launch event for June 2, 2016. The company has started sending out media invites for the same, which says #NextEliteisBestElite.

Going by the announcement, we can say that the next smartphone will pack better specifications and features as compared to the previous iterations. The Indian startup has launched three phones till date Elite Note, Elite2, and Swipe Junior. Elite Note features a 5-inch display and a 2GB RAM, Elite2 features a 4.5-inch display and 1GB RAM, and the Swipe Junior sports a 4.5-inch display and 512MB RAM. The visually attractive OS and the devices have made it clear that the company targets a wide range of audience.

Considering that the company has started manufacturing lower budget phones and are moving up with the specifications and price range, speculations say that the upcoming event can be for the launch of a device in the range of a higher RAM, processor, camera and a better display. The startup has constantly been in the news for their efforts to raise funds for their R&D and in talks for multiple acquisitions in this year.

The event details say that this is a device launch event, and it is speculated that the next in Elite series could be on the menu. The company is looking to compete in the elite phones at a lower price market. The likes of Micromax, Xiaomi, and OnePlus have a set market in this area. However, the unique approach towards building a market looks promising for Swipe Technologies.