Watch the third and last Supermoon of 2016 brighten the sky tonight

Sky gazers will be in for another celestial spectacle, and it is the third and the final episode of supermoon of 2016. The supermoon will make an appearance over the horizon on Tuesday night. Cloudy weather severely hampered the last two supermoons, but this time people in most parts of the country will be able to watch this incredible spectacle without any hindrance.

The meteorological department has predicted a clear sky over most areas except the South-East of the country which will be clouded because of the effects of the cyclone. The space event is not the only celestial wonder which will be in store this month. The Earth is also moving through one of the densest debris fields in our solar system, and this will bring the Geminid Meteor Shower.

However as the bright supermoon will dazzle everyone on Earth, the poor earthlings will not be able to see the Geminid Meteor Shower or a significant portion of it since the flashing meteors will not be visible because of the increased brightness of the moon. Usually when the shower peaks, sky gazers can see a dozen Geminids per hour.

How to capture 2016 December Supermoon in camera?

If you want to photograph this event, people should aim to frame the moon against some physical object to get a perspective. Tying it to a land based object like an elephant or a chimney or a local landmark will make the sight more creative and endearing. It will also be a great learning process for the kids, and it will be a very good idea to tell the kids how the celestial event occurs. You can also try some down to earth tricks by positioning persons in a way to make them look like they are holding the moon. If you do not have DSLR camera, you can still use your smartphone. If you are not able to get the moon in your shot, try something more panoramic like a lake which looks brighter because of the supermoon.

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