Super Mario Bros. Wonder: A Fresh Adventure on Nintendo Switch

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Nintendo’s latest installment in the iconic Super Mario series, “Super Mario Bros. Wonder – Share the Wonder!” has landed on the Nintendo Switch, bringing with it a blend of nostalgia and fresh innovation. This new adventure offers a mix of traditional platforming, innovative gameplay mechanics, and multiplayer mayhem, making it a must-play for fans and newcomers alike.

Key Highlights:

  • Playable characters include Mario, Luigi, Peach, Daisy, and others, with Yoshi and Nabbit being great for beginners due to their damage immunity.
  • Introduction of new power-ups such as the Elephant Fruit, Bubble Flower, and Drill Mushroom, alongside collectible badges that offer unique abilities.
  • Multiplayer options allow for local team-ups or online play, including Co-Op Rooms for up to 12 friends and interactive elements like placing standees for aid.
  • The game features Wonder Flowers that transform levels in unexpected ways, providing unique challenges and surprises.
  • Accessibility features include frequent checkpoints, a navigational map, optional vibration, high-contrast text, and more to ensure an inclusive experience for all players.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Gameplay and Features

“Super Mario Bros. Wonder” stands out with its introduction of new characters, power-ups, and an emphasis on exploration and discovery. Players can choose from a wide array of characters, each bringing their unique flair to the game. The power-ups like the Elephant Fruit, which turns Mario into an elephant capable of swinging its trunk to defeat enemies, and the Bubble Flower, allowing players to blow bubbles at foes, add layers of strategy and fun to the classic formula.

The game also shakes up traditional Mario gameplay with new types of stages such as KO Arenas and Search Party stages, encouraging players to explore and engage in combat in different ways. Badge Challenges and the use of Badges allow for customized abilities, enhancing replayability and strategic gameplay.

Multiplayer and Online Features

A significant highlight is the game’s multiplayer functionality. Locally, players can team up on one Nintendo Switch system, sharing power-ups and assisting each other through challenging courses. Online play expands this by allowing for cooperative play in Co-Op Rooms and passive interactions that support and enrich the single-player experience.

While “Super Mario Bros. Wonder” is a vibrant addition to the Mario franchise, overflowing with creativity, its constant high-energy antics and the omnipresence of Wonder Flowers might be overwhelming for some, possibly detracting from the classic platforming experience. However, the game’s innovations, combined with its rich multiplayer options and accessibility features, make it a commendable title that pushes the series into new territories.

The game offers ample replay value, particularly for completionists aiming to 100% the experience. Beyond collecting purple flower coins and hunting for secret exits, players can discover hidden levels and engage in deviously challenging platforming trials. Speedrunners and streamers will find plenty of opportunities for self-imposed challenges, while the delightful soundtrack encourages revisiting stages for the sheer joy of it.

This new Mario adventure not only celebrates the series’ legacy but also looks forward, incorporating elements that could define its future. With “Super Mario Bros. Wonder,” Nintendo has crafted a game that is as much about sharing joy and wonder with others as it is about platforming, making it a valuable addition to the Switch library​​​​​​.

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