Sudan Faces Catastrophic Humanitarian Crisis Amidst Internet Blackout


In a troubling development, Sudan has been thrust into darkness with an internet blackout, significantly hampering communication and access to essential services. This comes at a time when the United Nations has urgently appealed for $4.1 billion to address what has been described as ‘epic suffering’ caused by ongoing conflicts within the nation. The dual crises of war and connectivity shutdown paint a grim picture of isolation and escalating humanitarian needs.

Key Highlights:

  • The UN has called for $4.1 billion in aid to help Sudan amidst one of the world’s largest displacement and protection crises.
  • An internet blackout has severely restricted access to information and online banking, complicating the delivery of aid.
  • Over half of Sudan’s population, around 25 million people, requires humanitarian assistance, with 18 million facing acute food insecurity.
  • The conflict has led to over 13,000 deaths and displaced more than 10 million people, with many lacking access to healthcare and children out of school.
  • The UN’s appeal includes a $2.7 billion Humanitarian Needs and Response Plan for people within Sudan and a $1.4 billion Regional Refugee Response Plan for those who have fled to neighboring countries.


The Crisis Unfolds

Humanitarian Appeal

The United Nations, recognizing the dire situation in Sudan, has launched a significant appeal for $4.1 billion in aid. This effort aims to address the immediate needs of those affected by the conflict between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF), which has devastated the country since April last year. The appeal is split between aiding those within Sudan and assisting refugees in neighboring countries, highlighting the broad impact of the crisis​​​​.

Internet Blackout

Amidst this humanitarian disaster, Sudan has experienced an internet blackout, severely affecting communication lines and access to crucial online services. This has added another layer of difficulty for aid organizations trying to provide assistance and for families trying to stay connected in these turbulent times​​.

Widespread Impact

The conflict and subsequent humanitarian crisis have led to widespread suffering. With half of the country’s population in need, the UN’s appeal is a desperate call for international support. The situation is particularly bleak for children, many of whom are out of school and acutely food insecure. The conflict has not only caused thousands of deaths but has also led to a massive displacement crisis, with millions seeking refuge both within and outside Sudan’s borders​​​​.

International Response and Challenges

The UN’s plea emphasizes the critical need for a coordinated international response to prevent further suffering in Sudan. However, the complexities of delivering aid in a conflict zone, exacerbated by the internet blackout, pose significant challenges. The situation in Gezira state, for instance, a key agricultural area, has raised fears of famine, adding urgency to the call for aid​​.


Sudan’s unfolding crisis, marked by a devastating conflict and compounded by an internet blackout, has prompted a significant UN appeal for international aid. As millions face displacement, hunger, and lack of access to basic services, the need for a swift and effective global response has never been more critical. The international community’s role in addressing this catastrophe, providing relief, and working towards sustainable peace in Sudan is paramount to averting further tragedy.


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