Stuffcool Bac Review: Great set of earphones for the price

Stuffcool is a famous brand known for its affordable audio speakers and accessories. The company recently launched its new in-ear wired headphones – the Stuffcool Bac. Currently priced at less than INR 700 on Amazon India, let’s find out if they’re worth the money in this review.

Design and Comfort

The first thing you notice is that this in-ear wired headphone has a nylon braided cable, making it more durable and resistant to tangles. It can easily handle the wear and tear that goes with everyday usage. The ear casings, as well as the aux connector, are made out of metal which lends it a premium look and feel.
I also liked the fit. The earphone slips over your ears and settles in comfortably. They don’t feel pinchy or intrusive and can be worn comfortably for long periods.  The overall build quality works well for the price, and these feel quite sturdy to handle everyday usage. The general build is solid. The earbuds themselves being housed in metal, feel quite premium.
Even the in-line controls are thoughtfully designed. There’s only a single button to accept/reject calls or play/music, which is a good thing. It can also be used with voice assistants like Siri and Google Assistant. Alongside the single multi-function button, there’s also a volume slider button to adjust the volume

Sound Quality


For the price, I’d say these pack quite a punch. The bass is more than adequate across all genres of music. The highs were crisp, while Mids were clear and well balanced. Even at high volume, the audio doesn’t get distorted. The overall sound quality very crisp and clear; however, people may complain about the lack of bass. The bump and feel while listening to EDM and HipHop is missing. Though considering the price, a little lack of bass is probably okay.

The Stuffcool Bac also has a microphone and in-line remote that allows users to make voice calls using the headset. The mic works great as I faced no issues during both incoming and outgoing calls.

Wrap Up

Image01 16All in all, it’s worth a purchase. For the price, it offers good sound, comfort, and functionality without any gimmicks or useless features. I highly recommend this headset. At INR 700,  they’re super inexpensive and functional and offer a solid build quality, good sound, as well as durability.

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