Study reveals Protagonists of e-cigarettes are 28% less likely to quit smoking


E-Cigarettes touted as an aid to giving up tobacco, but there scant data about its effectiveness as an aid in kicking out the habit of smoking. Electronic cigarettes may not help in kicking off the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes says a new study. A recent study led by the University of California-San Francisco revealed that protagonists of electronic cigarettes are 28% less likely to quit smoking.

Sara Kalkhoran, the lead author of the Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School, said that latest studies have revealed that e-cigarettes have been linked with less quitting among smokers.

E-Cigarettes are known to be available under different names that include vapor pens, E-Puffs, and Vapers. These are battery-driven devices that heat the nicotine and flavorings that are turned into aerosols to be inhaled by the users.

The logic is that there is no tar or Carbon Monoxide or Benzene, which is present in the smoke of traditional cigarettes.

These cigarettes are promoted as an aid in quitting smoking traditional cigarettes. However, it is also promoted as a means to get around tough anti-smoking laws that are enforced strictly in most public places.

Scientists from the University of California at San Francisco (UCSF) analyzed 38 studies that were related to the benefits accrued in smoking cessations with the aid of E-cigarettes.

When the researchers combined the results of 20 studies that had control groups of smokers not using e-cigarettes in a meta-analysis, came to the conclusion that the chance of quitting smoking was 28% lower than smokers who used e-cigarettes as compared to those who did not.

The e-cigarette can influence marketing and reasons for use, and this was proved in the study. The researchers concluded that the e-cigarettes should be included in smoke-free laws and also voluntary smoke-free policies will go a long way in increasing the effectiveness of smoking cessation campaigns.

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