Study carried out on Friendship Day 2015 shows life partner can be your best friend for life

It is that time of the year when the world comes to a standstill as people celebrate their best friends, showering them with all sorts of gifts. The definition of a true friend is quite intuitive and relative as many people hold different beliefs and opinions of whom they consider their best friend.

According to a study carried out by BharatMatrimony to mark friendship day is that partners can become best friends for life.

A contest carried out on social media bringing over 7,100 responses shows that 68% perceive their best friend as someone who cares, 16% believe a true friend is one who spends most of their time with them. According to the remaining 16%, the ultimate friend is one who always takes your side.

When asked if a friend of the opposite gender can become one’s best friend forever, 90% of the respondents responded with a yes. The response clearly shows that best friends can remain friends even on marrying someone different. However, only 74% of the respondents said that married couples can become the best of friends with 20% saying no.

Life being a ship filled with ups and downs one cannot fail to admit that a true friend is one who has stuck with you through the happy and the not so good times. Everyone will also want to spend their precious time with someone with the instincts of a motivator always at hand to alleviate all the concerns and worries with words of encouragement that build confidence and hope.

A friend should always act as a confidant always at hand to listen and confide without letting other people know what is confidential. No one would like to have a friend who is a rumor, monger. A true friend should always be at hand to diffuse all the tension at hand by calming down one’s anxiety and putting things into perspective.

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You know you are in the best of hands when you have a tongue-in-cheek friend always ready to make fun of everything and everyone without causing any commotion or creating weird moments.